Diver’s Lung Tester


The Lung Testers date back to the old shipping days and the story goes that they were used in the Navy to test a diver’s lung capacity before and after a deep sea dive. These little gems have been so hard to come by…until now! Each one is hand made by Jordan O’Grady in the UK and crafted from different types of metal making every pipe unique in its own way. Each one is covered by a 6 month warranty, but I’m sure there will not be any issues. They are all tested and polished before they are shipped. You also get “The Secret” which is a set of instructions that will enable you blow into the pipe the correct way so only YOU can make the wheel spin. I will also send you some ideas on how you can trick your friends into trying it!

I’ve taken a picture of each one next to a deck of cards so you’ll know exactly what size it is.  However, they are each a little bigger than they appear in the photos. Click on any image to see a high-rez version. Choose model A, B, D or E.

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