DJT’s Diamond Deal


The Diamond Deal includes:

All 10 of DJT’s DVDs. You get Pockets Full of Miracles, Mirrors, DiaMonte, Sweet & Birthday Card, Collateral – DJT’s Ring & String, Quadrare Caan Opus, The Squeezer, Diamond Jack, his highly acclaimed Penguin Lecture DVD and Telekinetic.  It’s over 50 effects on the DVD’s alone.

All 6 of DJT’s books plus one ebook, which is Close-Up Magic Secrets, all three of the Bamboozlers books, Magic You Can Do, Precious Gems (lecture notes), plus the well-reviewed ebook Card Magic USA.

Four signed photos. There’s the Pool Hustler photo, the Ace photo, the Hourglass photo and the Springing The Cards photo.

All five of my puzzles.  You get Sherlock’s 7 Cent Solution, Consecutive Conundrum, Ecryptic, Cardinal Zen and the Magic Circle.

Both sets of my trick dice. DJT’s 7 Lucky Dice (aka Forcing Dice) and the new Delta Dice.

An Ominous Set which includes the Spider and Scorpion version with an Omni Deck.

Plus a Doomsday Deck, Extra Sensory Poker, Hydro, Magic Math Sticks, SentiMental Postcards, Winning Spinning Nickels.

This is basically all of the items that I manufacture.  This package has a retail value of $825.00.  Buy it ALL now for only $595.00.



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