Z.A.P. Wallet


This thin, sleek, normal looking, pocket-sized, affordable, leather business card wallet will zap you the information needed for your favorite mind-reading routine. With the wallet you'll receive Diamond Jim's thinking and some subtleties from the great Docc Hilford when handling the Z.A.P. Wallet. This is a great little secret weapon to have in your arsenal and you'll find it functional for everyday use since it holds business cards plus a packet trick or two. The Z.A.P. Wallet is something you will use! Specify dark brown or black leather.

NOTE: The pockets on this batch of wallets are a little tight.  You may have to trim off a little bit of the length of your business card to make it fit easily into any of the pockets.  If you have cards with rounded corners, then it shouldn't be an issue.  It's worth the tiny bit of effort for this amazing effect.