Like most entertainers, Diamond Jim had many shows during this magical month.  But he played one gig that he shall never forget.  Jim made his debut at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California the week of  December 12th.  Check out the following link to tour the nucleus of the magic world:

fan2Diamond Jim released his new Millennium Pack.  These revolutionary cards allow you to recreate some of the best trick decks of our millennium. Running with the idea of the Diamond Deck, I believe I have created the ultimate in gaffed card magic.  These special Bicycle Poker cards allow you to do what ten different trick decks can do.  Look for the ads in this month’s MAGIC magazine.

ceremonyI attended the Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM) convention in Austin, TX.  Reports show that about 1600 people attended.  Each year they have a competition for junior and senior (Stage, Close-up, Comedy & Club).  In 1990, I competed in the Adult Close-up category and experienced the world of competition.  I got my feet wet.  In 1998, I competed again and came in second.  Unfortunately, there is no recognition for coming in second.  So I competed again in 1999, and guess what, I WON!  I guess the third time is a charm!


Diamond Jim (in association with Meir Yedid Magic) re-releases his Diamond Deck.  This pet routine was invented in 1994.  There’s not a better color changing deck on the market.  The routine kills and the deck is examinable.

See the demo video below.