indyWhat a month!  I think I’ve done more shows this month than ever before.  Christmas was wonderful as usual, especially being able to share it with our family and friends in our new home.  We have a new baby iguana named Indy.  He is so named because he moves like a car in the Indy 500 and can use his tail like Indiana Jones’ whip!

hpttrLike most I am eagerly awaiting the release of the first Harry Potter movie on November 16th.  I like what Harry Potter has done for people;  he has created an interest in magicians and influenced kids and adults alike to read books. I forsee these books and movies becoming very popular. For those who would like to come see me perform I have returned to all three Tenaya’s locations.

houseLife has been busy.  My wife and I recently moved into our new home in The Colony, Texas.  After I finish unpacking boxes I can get back to concentrating on performing, creating, teaching, and writing my magic.  I look forward to the pleasures of owning my own home.  For those interested I have once again begun to give magic lessons.  To schedule a lesson contact me at

nyskylineThis is a month that I and the rest of the world will never forget.  I sat and watched the TV in disbelief as the events unfolded on Sept. 11th, 2001.  As I drove to my gig that evening I pondered how I might go about performing.  How could I crack jokes at a time like this?  How could I perform for those who had just witnessed the same horrors?  Luckily, to my surprise, I found performing my magic for others very therapeutic.  The audience that evening, and every evening since, has appreciated my “gift of magic” with much more enthusiasm than I can remember.  We must all perform our jobs better than before and not let the terrorists succeed with their psychological warfare.  To the left is a picture from my last trip to New York.  The World Trade Center will always be a fond memory for me.  Although we should all move on, we should also never forget the attack on Sept. 11th.  To make a donation to the American Red Cross click here.

espokerWEBThings are hectic as always.  I’m doing 6 nights a week in restaurants, not to mention my private engagements.  I’ve just released a new packet card trick entitled Extra Sensory Poker.  I’m heading to California this week to wrap up the Pockets Full of Miracles video project with MagicSmith; we’re hoping to release the video set before Christmas.  After California, I’m going to Las Vegas for the Magic Magazine convention.  This convention promises to be the best of the year.  While there I’ll be eager to sell my product in the dealer’s room and to attend the wonderful shows and lectures that are lined up.  Also, be sure to check out the new book The Magic Menu: Years 6 Through 10; the book features some of my magic as well as material from many other top restaurant/bar magicians from around the world!

acrdbxIt’s another hot month here in Texas.  I don’t think I could be any busier.  I’ve just packaged and sent out several hundred of my effect The Animated Cardbox; I’m also preparing more effects to market.  This month I’ve performed at the Four Seasons Hotel and Pat Summerall’s place.  While performing at the Summerall estate I was upstaged by a frog the size of a chihuahua;  ask me about it in person one day!  The International Brotherhood of Magicians has just awarded me with a plaque for the Best One-Man Parade column in their Linking Ring magazine which appeared in May, 2000.  My book Pockets Full of Miracles- 1st Edition is now officially OUT OF PRINT!  And to top if off, my wife and I are having a house custom built.  The builder is DIAMOND of course!

iggyWell, once again I’ve been blessed with many shows this month.  But I’d like to take a moment to reflect on my family pet Iggy (pronounced Ijjee).  I’ve always been an animal lover, and I’ve always been allergic to animals with hair.  Needless to say, Iggy was the perfect pet.  For an iguana, she was quite intelligent.  She could climb out of her aquarium and when she wanted back in, she’d climb back in.  She was a great nap buddy and she sat at my computer with me many times while working.  Recently, I taught her to fetch.  For five years she brought alot of happiness into our lives.  Today, June 5th, she died of kidney disease.  She’ll be missed.

hollywoodI’ve been fortunate to have many shows this month.  I guess after performing magic in Dallas for 15 years things have snowballed.  This Mother’s Day I performed at the famous Reunion Tower as I always do.  And that night I left for Hollywood, CA. to shoot the video series of my new book.  All went well and I’m excited to see how the pros at MagicSmith splice it altogether.  The videos will most likely be released in November, so stay tuned!  Also, be sure to check out the new bi-monthly card journal called Mr. Gadfly; it features my routine called Frog Hair.

howsweetThis month has kept me busy performing.  I’ve just released one of my favorite effects on the mass market;  it’s called How Sweet It Is! This routine is for those who love performing in the real world environment with ordinary props.  I will be traveling some this month and next month, but I will try to keep everyone up with the latest.  Currently, I am working on revisions for the second edition of my book (which is soon to be out of print).  I am also preparing for the video shoot of Pockets Full of Miracles that will take place the middle of next month.  Look for the video set to be released during Q4 of this year!  And to top it all off, I turn 31 this month.  Life just doesn’t seem to slow down!

secorumThis has been a very magical month.  I’ve performed lots of magic and seen lots of magic.  I attended David Copperfield’s show in Dallas;  he is an inspiration to all magicians!  Plus, I took a mini-vacation to Lost Wages (Las Vegas).  While in Vegas I saw the comedy magic of Mac King, who is always a delight to watch, and we visited Caesar’s Magical Empire.  The Empire is scheduled to close July 31st- so try to make it out there to see “all of the spectacle” soon!  The Empire has been rumored to shut down many times, but they’ve managed to stay open by popular demand.

febThis was a busy busy month.  I attended the lectures of Dan Harlan & Jay Scott Berry; both of which were excellent.  I attended the Lone Star Magic Auction in Ft. Worth.  And I’ve done lots of shows.  Not to mention that my spare time is filled with writing and packaging material to sell on the market.  This month’s Magic Menu is the “Diamond Jim Tyler Issue” with an article written by myself; plus it features some of the routines from my new book.  And to top it all off, Genii Magazine gave my book a good review in their latest issue.

animnasFirst let me say Happy New Year to all of my website visitors. was born in June of 1997 and it’s still going strong. Thanks for taking the time to visit and browse my site.  Currently,  I am working on packaging and rewriting several effects from my new book.  The first trick to hit the mass market will be New Age Spellbound. It’s a dark piece of glass the size of a silver dollar that changes clear as ice when you rub it.