storefront2Ask any entertainer and they’ll tell you that December is always the busiest month of the year.  This month I did 25 shows while working the shop more than full-time.  The shop experienced a great month and really put us on the map in Frisco.  We are currently restocking our shelves with new goodies and setting up the schedule for magic classes & lectures that will happen in early 2004. See the storefront here.

actionwindupThis month at MAGICAL GADGETS we featured a show and lecture by Petrick and Mia from Czechoslovakia.  They did a great job and displayed many innovative effects.  We were lucky to have them.  All who attended were entertained and learned a great deal!

If you haven’t been by the shop yet, then we hope you will come in and visit.  We are constantly expanding our inventory and finding hidden treasures that we forgot we had!  If you are looking for a unique gadget, toy or magic effect then please email us at

trainThings couldn’t be busier.  Our new magic shop is going strong.  This month we featured a lecture by Dan Fleshman.  Dan was and is still amazing!  Folks are still talking about his magic.

My LITTLE FISHY effect received a great review in this month’s issue of Genii Magazine

This month I played the character of Diamond Jim Carson, an eccentric and ruthless riverboat gambler who sponsors a party and poker tournament aboard the Texas State Railroad’s historic train.  My character was murdered during this mystery tour and the audience had to figure out whodunnit.  It was a wonderful experience. To top things off the Palestine library raised $10,000.00 with this production of Ace’s, Eights and Murder on the disORIENTed EXPRESS.

tshirtThis month has been a whirlwind!  As a new business owner I rarely know if I am coming or going.  The shop has me and my partner running in all directions and wearing many hats to make sure our customers enjoy our store.  So far business has been good and we expect that it will get better when our ads hit in The Ad PagesDiscover Frisco and Sporting Kid magazines.   Please stop by and say hello.  If you are a fan or magic, I think you’ll agree that we have a huge selection!

mgcom4webWell it’s finally here!  Ward Mathews and I have opened our new magic and toy store MAGICAL GADGETS, INC.  It’s taken a lot out of us, but we are proud of the final result.  If you are in Frisco, TX we hope you will stop by to browse our magic tricks, juggling apparatus, spy stuff, remote control vehicles, scientific kits, nostalgic toys, novelties, robots and much more!  We have plans to do magic shows, classes and lectures at the shop. Our address is 7151 Preston Rd. #125 in Frisco TX, 75034.  We’re in the shopping center next to Albertson’s at Preston and Stonebrook.  Our website is under construction but it will provide you with a little more information!

Parliament_&_CarriageThis month kept me busy working on things for our new magic shop.  But luckily I was able to get away to work a magic convention and take a mini-vacation in Vancouver, Canada (a.k.a. British Columbia).  My wife and I stayed in an English Inn, visited the beautiful town of Victoria (seen to the left), toured Craigdarroch Castle, strolled through Butchart Gardens, took in the Royal British Columbia museum, then went on to the convention.

At the 2003 PCAM convention I was fortunate to work along side some of the best names in magic today like (Aldo Colombini, Greg Frewin, Sean Bogunia, Julie Eng, Eric Buss, Oscar Munoz, John Shyrock, Jeff McLeod, Reed McClintock, Joshua Jay, and everyone’s hero Shawn Farquhar).  This was one of the best conventions I’ve ever attended.  Somehow, in a matter of a few days, I became friends with a few hundred people.  I’ll always have fond memories of BC!

esbldgMany years ago I met a nice family (The Nortons) at Slider & Blues restaurant in Plano, TX.  We became fast friends and have kept in touch since their move to Chappaqua, NY in 1998.  I have been to NY now 4 times and have stayed with them 3 of the 4. 

This last time, a week ago, they flew my wife and I up there so that I could perform at their daughter’s 16th birthday party.  The party was a lot of fun and included many of Emily Norton’s best friends.  These friends should be on a who’s who list of up and coming ivy league students.  I’m sure that she and her friends will make their mark and be successful in what they do.

This was my wife’s first trip to New York so we did the town.  We traveled up and down Manhattan island by train, car, bus, taxi and on foot.  We went to the top of the Empire State Bldg., saw Ground Zero, dined in Times Square and Soho, bumped into a couple of celebrities, saw a Broadway play, and visited the Metropolitan museum.  We had a blast! 

New York offers the best in monumental architecture, plays, museums and fine dining.  Not only that, there is a piece of history around every corner.  If you haven’t been, then go and take a bite out of the Big Apple soon!

paulineTo the left is a wonderful picture of my grandmother Pauline as a teenager.  She was always beautiful inside and out.  Recently she passed away and since then I’ve had the good fortune to go through all of thousands of pictures that she took.  She encouraged everything I’ve ever done and always acted like my biggest fan.  She will be missed dearly.

Currently, my business partner Ward Mathews (a high-school buddy) and I have been diligently working on our business plan and finances so that we can open our shop by Fall.  I imagine that we’ll be creating a whole new generation of magicians in the Dallas area.  I heard a saying that “Life begins when we start serving others.”  More than a profitable and fun business, I truly feel like we’ll be creating a magical haven for the young at heart with our new store.  Do you think I’m getting sentimental as I grow older?  🙂

This month marks eleven years that my wife and I have been married.  As the picture to the left shows.. life flashes by in an instant… so enjoy it.


This month marks another birthday for me, so I thought I’d have a party.  Many friends came over to help me celebrate and see our new home.  Being the host of the party and an entertainer I knew that I would need something to keep my guests captivated.  Thus I hired Action Jackson the chimpanzee.  EVERYONE loved Jackson!  He was definitely the life of the party!

The BIG news is that myself and a business partner will be opening a magic and hi-tech toy store in Frisco, TX.  We are about 90 days away from opening!  The store will feature a huge line of magic, novelties, Thomas the Train toys, remote control (cars, planes, robots) and more.  The name of the shop is  So stay tuned for more information about our new shop and new site!

fishcoverThis month marks the release of my new effect LITTLE FISHY.  This trick has been a reputation maker for me since 1997.

I have cut back working in restaurants for the time being so that I can concentrate on other magic projects.  I am working on releasing more effects and more books.

One BIG magic project has been keeping me busy night and day!  Be patient and shortly you’ll be reading all about it.

This month marks the release of the new effect KLIMAX KARDS.  Brian Nordstrom approached me with this novel idea for a color changing pack that ends with the pack all changing into the chosen card for the big climatic finale!  The effect will leave a lay audience speechless.

This month also marks the closing of Slider & Blues in Plano, TX.  I worked there for 8 years performing my magic.  The staff, the regulars, and the whole atmosphere will be missed.  I literally watched people’s children grow up there, made lots of friends, and had many a laugh.  Sliders may close it’s doors, but I will always cherish the memories of good times and good friends!

me-ammarHappy New Year!  This month I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite magicians perform and lecture.  His name is Michael Ammar.  Mr. Ammar has to be one of the best close-up magicians on the planet

The local paper has decided to run a cover story about me and my magic.  Click here to read the Colony Courier-Leader interview that ran on Wednesday, January 22, 2003.

January 30th and 31st I’ll be participating in The Irving Symphony Orchestra’s production entitled The Magic of Music.  Obviously, they’ll be providing the music and I’ll be providing the magic.  For more information click here.