December 2003

Ask any entertainer and they’ll tell you that December is always the busiest month of the year.  This month I did 25 shows while working the shop more than full-time.  The shop experienced a great month and really put us on the map in Frisco.  We are currently restocking our shelves with new goodies and […]

November 2003

This month at MAGICAL GADGETS we featured a show and lecture by Petrick and Mia from Czechoslovakia.  They did a great job and displayed many innovative effects.  We were lucky to have them.  All who attended were entertained and learned a great deal! If you haven’t been by the shop yet, then we hope you will come […]

October 2003

Things couldn’t be busier.  Our new magic shop is going strong.  This month we featured a lecture by Dan Fleshman.  Dan was and is still amazing!  Folks are still talking about his magic. My LITTLE FISHY effect received a great review in this month’s issue of Genii Magazine.  This month I played the character of Diamond Jim Carson, […]

September 2003

This month has been a whirlwind!  As a new business owner I rarely know if I am coming or going.  The shop has me and my partner running in all directions and wearing many hats to make sure our customers enjoy our store.  So far business has been good and we expect that it will […]

August 2003

Well it’s finally here!  Ward Mathews and I have opened our new magic and toy store MAGICAL GADGETS, INC.  It’s taken a lot out of us, but we are proud of the final result.  If you are in Frisco, TX we hope you will stop by to browse our magic tricks, juggling apparatus, spy stuff, remote […]

July 2003

This month kept me busy working on things for our new magic shop.  But luckily I was able to get away to work a magic convention and take a mini-vacation in Vancouver, Canada (a.k.a. British Columbia).  My wife and I stayed in an English Inn, visited the beautiful town of Victoria (seen to the left), […]

June 2003

Many years ago I met a nice family (The Nortons) at Slider & Blues restaurant in Plano, TX.  We became fast friends and have kept in touch since their move to Chappaqua, NY in 1998.  I have been to NY now 4 times and have stayed with them 3 of the 4.  This last time, […]

May 2003

To the left is a wonderful picture of my grandmother Pauline as a teenager.  She was always beautiful inside and out.  Recently she passed away and since then I’ve had the good fortune to go through all of thousands of pictures that she took.  She encouraged everything I’ve ever done and always acted like my […]

April 2003

This month marks another birthday for me, so I thought I’d have a party.  Many friends came over to help me celebrate and see our new home.  Being the host of the party and an entertainer I knew that I would need something to keep my guests captivated.  Thus I hired Action Jackson the chimpanzee.  […]

March 2003

This month marks the release of my new effect LITTLE FISHY.  This trick has been a reputation maker for me since 1997. I have cut back working in restaurants for the time being so that I can concentrate on other magic projects.  I am working on releasing more effects and more books. One BIG magic project has […]

February 2003

This month marks the release of the new effect KLIMAX KARDS.  Brian Nordstrom approached me with this novel idea for a color changing pack that ends with the pack all changing into the chosen card for the big climatic finale!  The effect will leave a lay audience speechless. This month also marks the closing of Slider […]

January 2003

Happy New Year!  This month I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite magicians perform and lecture.  His name is Michael Ammar.  Mr. Ammar has to be one of the best close-up magicians on the planet The local paper has decided to run a cover story about me and my magic.  Click here to read the […]