November & December 2008

I capped off the end of this year with a fun and busy season.  Many say that things are slow and business is down, but I think that I have merely chosen not to participate in any recession.  I performed about 30 shows over this 2 month period which is about one every other day.  […]

October 2008

I returned from my tour of the west coast in early October (read more about it in my September blog below).  Upon my return I was surprised to find in the mailbox a nice hand-written letter from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from my performance for him almost one year ago.  My sister Jodi, my […]

September 2008

First off, my new book BAMBOOZLERS is doing great.  I’ve sold over one-third of the first printing in one month’s time.  A full page ad for my book appeared in this month’s issue of GENII magazine.  I began the month by doing a private party at the City Club in downtown Dallas and to my surprise was lucky […]

August 2008

Where do I begin?  I’ve done many private shows, a family reunion, been to the IMPROV, saw lots of movies, had overnight guests in my home- like my cousins and the famous Mike Powers.  One gig was very unique when Robbins Bros., the engagement ring store, employed me to use my magic to help a couple […]

June & July 2008

I started off June by working several private parties, working for the Rough Riders Baseball Team and for a very swanky golf outting at the Rivercrest Country Club in Fort Worth.  Then as I prepared for my out of town trip to California at the end of month I got a phone call from a […]

April & May 2008

I started off the month with a few private parties and then attended the Austin Magic Auction. I love going to Austin because it allows me to visit with my cousins Rodger & Alex.  I celebrated my 38th birthday in April and my magic was featured in MAGIC magazine and an interview in the UK’s […]

March 2008

Talk about March madness… this month my job took me to many interesting places around town.  A few of the highlights were an anniversary party at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine with an indoor water-park (seen to the left), the Dallas Arboretum, a wedding reception at Reflections in Plano, the UTD college campus, Jackson Pottery in Dallas, Bent Tree Bible […]

February 2008

Well I did 15 shows this month.  That’s one every other day.  I consider that to be a slow month and yet I feel super busy all of the time.  I guess because in my off time I create product, write, give lessons, work on new routines, book future shows, and work on my book […]

January 2008

Look for my second column in this month’s issue of Street Magic Magazine.  I’ve done a few shows this month, but most of my time has been spent on finalizing things for my new book.  This project has been a labor of love for about 7 years.  The artist I hired recently took several pictures of […]