December 2011

I kicked off this month by doing an hour long phone interview for Magic Rush.  You can download it on iTunes or listen to it here.  The interview discloses how I got my name, advice for young magicians, about my bout with cancer, some funny stories and much more. I was blessed with 23 gigs this […]

November 2011

This month flew by in a flash!  I kicked off the month by flying out to Kentucky to work the Unconventional Convention in Corbin.  The two-hundred attendees had me there as their guest of honor.  The camaraderie and scenery were great at the Cumberland Falls lodge.  Corbin was the home to famous magicians Mac King […]

October 2011

  I left home September 30th to begin my lecture tour and adventure across the central United States. It takes a lot of time and planning for these adventures but I always enjoy myself. It’s the unexpected surprises that are always fun.  I only wish the clubs I visit would put themselves in a logical […]

August & September 2011

I began the month of August by returning from Vancouver, Canada where I worked the PCAM convention and began playing catch-up from my stint away.  I try to put family and friends first as much as I can, so I got together with my friends the Mathews, the Muntons, the Trippis, the Ingrams, the Baileys, […]

July 2011

I performed a few private and corporate shows here and there and have been working on book and DVD projects.  My friend James Munton and I also auditioned for the TV show The Amazing Race (see the pic).  We’ll see if we get a call back; who knows?  Spent one Saturday with my good friends the Baileys […]

June 2011

This month has been full of events.  I kicked off the month by working an event at a millionaire’s home in Dallas.  Then I had gigs for La Finca Chiciquita, a golf tournament, shows at the Marriott in Plano, Stonebriar Legacy, plus many more private events.  My travels also took me to Austin to work a […]

May 2011

This month has been a creatively busy time for me.  First I’ve performed for many clients like Gulfstream, NextGen Healthcare, Ebby Halliday Realty, and many private parties.  I worked with a super-talented graphic artist friend to create my own card back design with my own promo box (seen of the right).  I’m proud of the […]

April 2011

This month has gone by so fast!  I performed many shows for several clients like Carter Blood Care, Genesis Church, plus many private parties.  I have also been preparing for a DVD shoot that will happen in May.  I traded in my BMW Z4 Roadster for the new 2011 Camaro, and  no I am not […]

March 2011

On March 1st my new iPhone App titled Bamboozlers released. For more info on the app click here. For a while now I have been packing and planning for my ten city tour across Scandinavia. On March 3rd I flew out and lectured across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland: 03-03-11 Flew out of DFW to begin my adventure! […]

January & February 2011

In January we celebrated many birthdays for my family and friends.  I also did many shows and seemed to eat out a lot at some of our favorite restaurants like Cantina Laredo, Javiers, etc.  I also performed a lecture this month at the wonderful Main Street Magic shop in McKinney.  McKinney square is fun to walk around to enjoy the food […]