iphone-bamb1I kicked off this month by doing an hour long phone interview for Magic Rush.  You can download it on iTunes or listen to it here.  The interview discloses how I got my name, advice for young magicians, about my bout with cancer, some funny stories and much more.

I was blessed with 23 gigs this month.  Most were private parties or corporate functions.  One gig took me to Cowboy Stadium where I performed my magic before Lee Greenwood took the stage.  I rubbed elbows with Jerry Jones, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach and several other millionaires.

This year was loads of fun and I accomplished many things:

In February, family from England came and stayed with us and we toured Memphis, TN and much of Dallas and Fort Worth. 

In February, my iPhone App for my book Bamboozlers was released. 

In March I did a lecture tour across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. 


In April, two of my card effects were released in the book Card Magic USA.

In May, my first book Pockets Full of Miracles, was re-released through Dover books with the new title Close-Up Magic Secrets.

In May I released a deck called the Diamond Deck which sold out fast!

In June, I attended the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Dallas and hung out with friends and made some new ones. 

In July, when it was over 100 degrees in Texas each day, my wife and I vacationed in the cool breezes of Victoria, Canada and I performed and lectured at the PCAM convention in Vancouver, Canada. 

In September, I did my first mainstream author signing at Barnes & Noble in Frisco, TX.

woody-jennifer-jesse-woodallSince September, I’ve been helping a good friend with his new business soon to launch called Toys2u.com

In October, I did a lecture tour across the US where I performed in 17 cities, in 13 states, and all in 20 days.

In November, I headlined the Unconventional Convention in Corbin, KY making Kentucky my 32nd state to perform in.

Throughout the year many of my effects appeared in numerous magic publications around the world and were featured on the show Scam School

When not performing, sleeping or eating I found the time to release two new instructional magic DVDs titled Sweet and Collateral

Plus I spent a lot of quality time with my loved ones throughout the year and especially during the holidays.  Sadly to say I lost a good friend on December 30th.  His name was Woody.  He loved magic and for some reason took a liking to me about 20 years ago.  I’ll always have fond memories of him. See the picture on the right of Woody and his two kids Jennifer and Jesse, who I also count among my friends.

This month flew by in a flash!  I kicked off the month by flying out to Kentucky to work the Unconventional Convention in Corbin.  The two-hundred attendees had me there as their guest of honor.  The camaraderie and scenery were great at the Cumberland Falls lodge.  Corbin was the home to famous magicians Mac King and Lance Burton.  I hope to return to this inviting place again one day.  Kentucky makes 32 states that I have now performed in.

My friend Brian Brushwood at Scam School shared another one of my effects from my book Close-Up Magic Secrets.  Check out the episode below.


I performed many functions for clients like La Finca, Jackson’s Pottery, Clark HS, etc.  Plus, I had the pleasure of performing for the Dallas Magic Club in Irving, TX at Crystal’s Pizza where I myself have learned much about my art.  It was very nice to have the local guys come out and support me and see so many friendly faces looking back at me while sharing things I’ve learned over the last 25 years performing.  It was actually somewhat surreal for me.


This month was full of fun leisurely events like Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s home in East Texas where much of the family reminisced and ate way too much.  My sister Chelsye and I took in the movie Paranormal Activity 3 which I thought was as good as the first one.  I also played Poker with some friends and gave back some of the money that I won last time. 🙂

This month has mostly kept me busy creating new products and replenishing past effects.  My new DVD Collateral is due out in the next couple of weeks.  Magicians, for the first time, will be able to learn my effect where a borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside an envelope in the spectator’s own pocket!

My DIAMOND brand cards, that were released May of this year, are now out of stock and fast becoming collectors items.  I’ve seen this deck, that originally retailed for $10, listed on Ebay for as much as $30.00.  While surfing online I found these beautifully done pics of my brand name cards… click here.


Seeing a demand for this product I went back to the drawing board to make them even more commercial.  The new cards will be called the DOOMSDAY DECK and will be printed on a nicer stock from the United States Playing Card Company who makes Bicycle cards.  The new deck has a completely new box and few other surprises.  These cards will not be in stock until Feb. 2012 but they are already selling fast!  The decks theme is based on the Mayan calendar and the prediction about the end of days.  So you’ll want to buy these before 12-21-12.

For those of you who might be looking for a nice holiday gift for someone interested in magic, then don’t forget about my books Bamboozlers: Volume TwoClose-Up Magic Secrets, and my instructional DVD Pockets Full of Miracles.  These are three of my best sellers!  Regardless… my best to you and yours this season!


statesI left home September 30th to begin my lecture tour and adventure across the central United States. It takes a lot of time and planning for these adventures but I always enjoy myself. It’s the unexpected surprises that are always fun.  I only wish the clubs I visit would put themselves in a logical order so I wouldn’t have to zig zag across the country.


10-01-11 Lectured in New Orleans, LA and stayed with the prolific magic author Jon Racherbaumer.  Had a great dinner with Jon and his wife and then toured Bourbon Street.  What a crazy place!
10-02-11 Drove onto Lake Charles, LA to stay with my friend Chip Romero.  Chip is an amazing cruise ship magician and he houses an amazing collection of magic memorabilia from greats like Houdini, Henning, Mark Wilson, Pendragons, etc.
10-03-11 Lectured in Lake Charles, LA.
10-04-11 Lectured in Memphis, TN.  I’ve been to Memphis a couple of times but this was my first time to perform there.
10-05-11 Lectured in St. Louis, MO.  Hung out with my friend and mentorDan Fleshman.  There was a big crowd that night!
10-06-11 Hung out at the amazing magic shop called Mr. Magic owned by a super gentleman named Jim Henson.  I lectured in Little Rock, Arkansas that night and had dinner with the super funny and talented Derrick Rose.
10-07-11 Stayed with and lectured at the home of my friends The Battles who are always gracious to me.  Going to Brandon, MS almost feels like going home.
10-08-11 I drove 6 hours and then stayed the night in Kentucky.
10-09-11 I drove another 5 hours onto Indianapolis, IN where I lectured that night to a very good group.  My wife’s car battery died after, so I dealt with a tow truck and replacing it the next morning.
10-10-11 Drove onto Chicago where I hung out at Magic Inc and Fun Inc.  That night I lectured at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park for a huge crowd and stayed with the funny and talented Tomas Medina and his lovely wife Valerie.
10-11-11 Went to Minneapolis, MN where I lectured at the gigantic Twin Cities Costume & Magic shop.  That place is a sight to behold and the people were great.  That’s one town I’d love to revisit.
10-12-11 Drove to Madison, WI where I lectured that night and met an amazing magician named Rick Wilcox.  I understand now why Wisconsin is big on cheese (see the road pic on the right) that I snapped from my driver’s seat while in Wisconsin.
10-13-11 Went onto LeClaire, IA and visited the home of American Pickers TV show called Antique Archaeology.  The gang was out filming but I’m glad I visited this town.  I had a great lunch there and also took in the Buffalo Bill Cody museum.  That night I lectured in IL for the Iowa club and a few of us went to Iowa for dinner so I could perform there as well.
10-14-11 Visited Branson, MO for the first time and lectured there that night to an enthusiastic crowd at the Magic & Jokes shop.
10-15-11 Lectured in Lincoln, NE that night at the very cool Magickits.com Magic Shop.
10-16-11 Lectured in Wichita, KS.
10-17-11 Came home this day to do laundry, repack, get a haircut, return emails, ship orders, etc.
10-18-11 Left for Houston, TX where I lectured that night and then hung out with my friends Alex Rangel and Danny Garcia.
10-19-11 Drove to Edinburg, TX and hung out at the headquarters for Viking Magic where some of the best props on the planet are made.  I lectured that night in Pharr, TX to a great group of guys.
10-20-11 Gave my last lecture on the tour in San Antonio, TX for a fun group.  That morning there was small earthquake felt in San Antonio!!
10-21-11 Drove home and did 2 shows that evening.




I have a personal goal to perform professionally in all 50 states.  This tour allowed me to knock out 7 more that I had yet to do.  All in all I drove 7000 miles and I performed in 17 cities, in 13 states, and all in 20 days.  Now I can proudly say that I have performed in 31 of the states.  Thanks to Scott Wells who helped me prepare this tour.

I really enjoyed seeing old friends and making some new ones.  Plus, there are some new projects that may spring from this tour.  From the road I was working on my next DVD project and planning future tours.  It’s always important in life to have something to look forward to.  Mostly I was looking forward to going home. 🙂

Since my return I performed for such clients as Dads in the Hood, a billionaire’s private party, Sebesta Blomberg and a few more private events.  I helped my friend Mitch with his company toys2u.com which should go live soon.  I had dinner with my good friend Jeff Davis from California.  I also got together with family to help my mother and sister celebrate their birthdays.  One night we went to Verdun Manor haunted house in Terrell which is always fun this time of year.  Plus, I played in a poker tournament where I did very well.  Lastly, I just bought my wife a new car.  Life is good.

toys2uI began the month of August by returning from Vancouver, Canada where I worked the PCAM convention and began playing catch-up from my stint away.  I try to put family and friends first as much as I can, so I got together with my friends the Mathews, the Muntons, the Trippis, the Ingrams, the Baileys, the Dallas Magic Club, Dave Magee, Mike Squires, my parents, my grandparents, my brother in law Kevin, etc.. I also saw my sister and her boys Lane & Landen (my nephews) who stayed one weekend so we could play games and watch lots of movies. 

I’ve also begun helping a friend Mitch get his new business Toys2u.com off the ground, which goes live in November.  If you have kids that are 7 and under, and live in the Dallas metroplex, then I think you will love what we are doing with Toys2u.com.  Imagine Netflix with toys.

Professionally, I did my first mainstream author signing for my book Close-Up Magic Secrets with Barnes & Noble on Sept. 18th.  There was a huge turn out and it was a lot of fun.  I was told that I got a bigger crowd than Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith who was there the weekend before. Afterwards we carried the party back to my father’s place who showed everyone his grilling talents and treats.  The previous day I did a book signing at The Colony Public Library where I met many other talented and interesting authors. 


In September I released my new DVD called Sweet & Birthday Card; the DVD features two of my closers, one where an initialed coin vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet and another effect where the birthday person’s signed card vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed envelope. The DVD has only been out a short while and is selling fast and getting good reviews.

I’ve had lots of shows locally here and there for clients such as Gulfstream, Carter Blood Care, Genesis United Methodist, Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, etc..

I am performing weekly on Wednesdays at La Finca restaurant in Allen from 6-8pm; it’s a small place but the food is excellent there so come in and partake.


Some of my magic routines are being featured in the current Swedish Magic Circle magazine this month. I just purchased a new convertible Camaro (seen on the left).  I have another DVD in the can that my friend Tony and I are currently designing the artwork for.  I am slowly writing Bamboozlers Three. Now I am gearing up for a 17 city lecture tour across the US where I will stop in 13 states which starts soon.  Whew!  Sometimes I don’t know if I am coming or going…

dj-james-Amazing-RaceI performed a few private and corporate shows here and there and have been working on book and DVD projects.  My friend James Munton and I also auditioned for the TV show The Amazing Race (see the pic).  We’ll see if we get a call back; who knows?  Spent one Saturday with my good friends the Baileys at their Shangra-la.  I received the news from my friend in Germany that my Bamboozlers iPhone App is doing well.  And I heard from a friend in Brisbane, Australia that my new book Close-Up Magic Secrets is receiving good reviews from the magic club in South Africa.  And a great review appeared in the Society of American Magicians Magazine MUM. Wow!  Also, my friend Scott Wells interviewed me and placed the audio-cast online for all to listen to here.

It has been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit the last several weeks so my wife and I were very much looking forward to our trip to British Columbia:


07-25-11  My wife and I flew out of DFW to Vancouver in BC, Canada.  From there we took the scenic ferry ride to beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island and checked in to the historic Empress Hotel.  We’re thinking that we may actually retire in Victoria one day.  We walked to Murray’s Trick and Joke Shop and visited with the wonderfully talented Murray Hatfield.


07-26-11 We walked about the town and then took a bus to tour the Butterfly Gardens which was very fascinating.  From there we went onto the beautiful Butchart Gardens and had afternoon tea at the popular Dining Room restaurant.  From there it was back to Victoria where we took in more sites and dined at Nautical Nellies.

07-27-11whale This day was a wonderful adventure. 
We embarked on a 3-hour whale watching tour and experienced several pods of whales up close.  We saw resident whales and to the surprise of our guide also a pod of transient killer whales.  You have to be lightening fast to photograph a whale and I got lucky a few times (see pic).  We saw mothers with their calves and even a whale born in 1933.  I forgot my sun screen and ended up looking like a human matchstick for the next several days. 🙂  That night we dined at the Flying Otter.

07-28-11 We walked down to Fisher Man’s wharf and then left Victoria and made our way back to Vancouver with a ride from the amazing and kind Shayne King.  Once we checked into our hotel we registered for the PCAM/CAM convention and set up my booth.  I was greeted by many friends and some new ones that I had made while touring Australia.  I performed a little stand-up for the attendees that night after the “one-handed cutting cards competition”.

07-29-11 This morning I taught several young magicians a few routines with cards and spoke to them all for about an hour.  The day was filled with comradery, some lectures and a wonderful show that night.

07-30-11 I lectured this morning to a packed house and received much kudos from my fellow magicians.  Every time I snapped my fingers Rod Chow appeared behind me to fix my mic, but it looked as if he was groping me, which kept the audience in stitches.  I rolled with it and it was the talk of the convention that day.  That night all witnessed another fun evening show.  It was great to see many acts I had never seen and also see some old friends on the stage once again.

07-31-11 Had a good day visiting with friends old and new in the dealer’s room and performed on the evening close-up show that night with Hannibal, Master Payne, Bizarro, Mark Mason, Jon Allen and Paul Romhany.  That night everyone stayed up late to say their good-byes and for a last hoorah.


08-01-11 Most of us went to the local magic club’s picnic and just hung out.  There were a few magic performances and contests but for the most part we just visited and ate grilled burgers and hot dogs.  From there we took the party back to Shawn and Lori Farquhar’s place and looked at his amazing collection of magic memorabilia and shared stories.  The Farquhar’s enthusiasm for magic is contagious and you can’t help but love them both.

08-02-11 We made our long arduous journey back to Texas.  The last seven days on our trip it was 30 degrees cooler than home in Dallas so I don’t know why we came back.

After returning from the PCAM convention my head is still spinning.  The talent line-up was phenomenal.  The convention was small with a little less than 200 attendees but I got so much more out of it than the IBM in Dallas which was four times bigger.  I’ve got new material to develop and old projects that I am eager to start-up again.  So much to do and so little time! 🙂

finneyThis month has been full of events.  I kicked off the month by working an event at a millionaire’s home in Dallas.  Then I had gigs for La Finca Chiciquita, a golf tournament, shows at the Marriott in Plano, Stonebriar Legacy, plus many more private events.  My travels also took me to Austin to work a wedding party for the Rozell family at the beautiful Hummingbird House

While in Austin I saw my cousins Rodger and Alex and we dined at The Oasis.  Also while in Austin I reconnected with a friend from my days in elementary school.  His name is Justin and he owns a tattoo parlor in Austin.  He’s a great guy and an amazing artist.  Father’s Day was spent with my two dads (Jimmy & C.E.);  we all had a good time together and ate too much.

farquhar-dj-romeroMy new Diamond Deck has been selling well and I am currently shipping them all over the world.  I had no idea that my promo deck would be purchased by card collectors globally.  Click here to see a video review of the deck.  Plus, the video production team I hired is fast at work editing the footage for two new upcoming instructional magic DVDs.  I hope to release the first DVD sometime in August.

The most fun I had this month was hanging out with many of my friends and colleagues at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Dallas from June 28th – July 2nd.  It was held at the Sheraton in downtown Dallas and a few of the evening shows were at The Majestic theatre.  Each day was filled with events from morning to night.  Typically I’d awaken around 9am and go to bed each night around 3am.  Two lectures stood out in my mind; one was on writing stand-up comedy and the other was on marketing with social media.  Dana Daniels was my favorite performer who does his act with a parrot.  Dana is hilarious!

lovellIt was nice hanging out with my friends Shawn Farquhar, Chip Romero, Daniel Garcia, Alex Rangel, Chris Smith, Steve Bryant, Dave Magee, Burton Gilliam, Jeff Davis and family, Sam & Buzz Sawyers, James Munton, Alan Ward, Dal & Cinde Sanders, etc.  One of the highlights for me was having some talk time with my all-time favorite magician Tom Mullica who wrote the foreword to my last book- Bamboozlers Two.

Attending these conventions really recharges my batteries.  I have some new routines to work on now but mainly I just want to do the things that I do even better.  To the left are several convention pics of myself with Michael Finney, Farquhar & Romero, Simon Lovell and lastly Tom Mullica.

mullicaThe absolute best thing that happened at the convention was watching Michael Finney talk about his charity as he auctioned off a poster signed by the top comedy magicians of our day.  He expected it to receive $1000 tops but it went for $3600.  As Finney began to sob so did the entire audience.  I love being part of a brotherhood that thrives on giving back and making others believe in magic!

The June issue of MUM magazine features a story about me, a snake and how I had to think on my feet at a past gig.  The humorous story was written by my friends James and Jelita Munton.  Also my friend Brian Brushwood featured some more bits from my book Bamboozlers Vol. Two in this new Scam School webisode seen below.

DJcardsANIMThis month has been a creatively busy time for me.  First I’ve performed for many clients like Gulfstream, NextGen Healthcare, Ebby Halliday Realty, and many private parties. 

I worked with a super-talented graphic artist friend to create my own card back design with my own promo box (seen of the right).  I’m proud of the design I came up with that is based on the Mayan calendar, a compass rose, sugar skulls and other ancient imagery.  The cards are very high quality and showcase my name well.

I just finished shooting the performance and explanation footage for two new single trick DVDs that I plan to releaselater this year.

The same company that produced my last DVD DiaMonte will produce these as well so they promise to be first rate.  Right now I am working with another artist to create the covers for each of these DVDs.  The first DVD I hope to release in late July.  The second DVD should hit the market by Christmas season.  I’m keeping the contents of the DVDs secret for now.

My Bamboozlers iPhone-iPad-iPod app is doing well and we’ve just released another version for Mac Computers.


The big news is the release of my book Close-Up Magic Secrets.  This is a deal that I nurtured with Dover books for over two years.  It’s a relief to see the finished product that arrived today.  In 2000 I released my first book Pockets Full of Miracles.  One year later that hard back book was out of print.  Since then it has fetched exorbitant prices online.  Now Dover has released an edited soft-cover version with a new title that retails for $15.00.  The book reveals the same 29 effects that appeared in the first book.  This book will be available everywhere.  This is my first book to go mainstream.  So why am I giving up the goods?  I believe that it is important to pay it forward.  Plus I am moving on to other projects.

The other big news is that my wife and I just celebrated 19 years married and 23 together.  It’s hard to believe that we have been together more than half of our lives.  We went out to eat to celebrate and later this year we plan on visiting our favorite destination which is Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

CARDMAGICUSA-FULLThis month has gone by so fast!  I performed many shows for several clients like Carter Blood Care, Genesis Church, plus many private parties.  I have also been preparing for a DVD shoot that will happen in May.  I traded in my BMW Z4 Roadster for the new 2011 Camaro, and  no I am not suffering from a mid-life crisis.  I am enjoying every minute of it.

My written magic is appearing all over the world this month.  Many of my routines are running in magic club newsletters across Scandinavia. I have a regular column in the Belgian magic magazine Escamoteur.  My DVD DiaMonte got a great review in this month’s MUM magazine.  The ebook Card Magic USA was published in a soft-back form this month which features a couple of my routines; and the French magic magazine Arcane features me on the cover this month plus many of my routines within.  Plus my buddy Brian Brushwood has been featuring some of my routines and ideas regularly on his webisodes called Scam School.

Arcane-April-2011coverI cherish the time I spent with my friend Woody Woodall who came by to visit.  My wife and I had a wonderful Easter Sunday which we celebrated with my cousins Renie & Jerry and their daughter Amanda. Plus I celebrated another birthday this month.  Everyone that’s close to me has taken me somewhere to eat.  There is definitely more of me to love after the past couple of weeks.  I actually worked the night of my birthday performing at a gig and I couldn’t have been happier to do it.  The nice thing about my job is that I can work when I want to.  I’m very lucky to do something that I love so much.  Getting paid for it is a bonus.

Plus an old friend of mine named Doc Eason stopped by for a visit while he was in town.  Doc is a famous bar magician based in Aspen, Colorado.  He’s not only a great magician, but a wonderful man, and an excellent story-teller.  Doc performs a trick, that I do as well, called the Card on Ceiling.  However, he puts the signed card in the deck, wraps a hundred dollar bill around it, holds a thumbtack in the other hand and hurls it all through the blades of a moving ceiling fan.  Lo and behold the thumbtack penetrates their card and the $100 bill and all stick to the ceiling.  He has a wonderful story about an accident that happened performing that very trick.  Ask he or I about it sometime so you can hear this hilarious story.

holmenkollen-chapel.jpegOn March 1st my new iPhone App titled Bamboozlers released. For more info on the app click here. For a while now I have been packing and planning for my ten city tour across Scandinavia. On March 3rd I flew out and lectured across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland:

03-03-11 Flew out of DFW to begin my adventure!
03-04-11 Arrived in London and then flew onto Copenhagen.  From there I caught a train onto Halmstad, Sweden.  I was basically awake for 30 hours straight after leaving home before reaching my final destination.
03-05-11 Performed and lectured in the amazing magic shop of author and magician Gay Ljungberg.  He’s a super great guy with loads of experience.  Had a good turn out and made a new friend.
03-06-11 Spent this day hopping three planes to make it to the Artic Circle in the north of Norway.  I made it but my suitcase full of product did not.  The wind here chills you to the bone and practically knocks you over.
03-07-11 Lectured in the home of Axel Olson in Bodo, Norway.  He was a very nice and gracious host with a fantastic magic room.  The group was great.  I’m only sorry that missed my chance to see the Northern Lights.
03-08-11 Made my way onto Namsos, Norway and was well looked after by the friendly and energetic Roger Skar.  He’s a true entertainer and I lectured in his party facility for a great group of guys.  I was fed well and ate reindeer for the first time.  My suitcase caught up with me about midnight that night thanks to my friends in Namsos.  I would love to return there.
03-09-11 Flew onto Trondheim, Norway and was greeted by Paul Rocks who performs magic regularly.  The lecture here was a fun one for an enthusiastic crowd.  The gang here was very talented.
03-10-11 Flew into Oslo, Norway and was greeted by my cousin Robert.  Went back to his and his girlfriend Silje’s place.  Then Rob and I trekked through the snow on foot to the train station pulling my big suitcase along with us. Once in downtown Oslo I lectured that night for a big crowd in a very chic underground bar setting.
03-11-11 This day we did some shopping and ran errands around Klofta and the surrounding cities.  The snow drifts were huge and it snowed all the while I was there.  So I made them some snow ice cream and they thought I was crazy to eat it.
03-12-11 This day we toured the town and made our quest to the Holmenkollbakken.  It’s an Olympic ski jump and we climbed the icy snow-covered steps to the top which was very nerve racking.  We walked around the outside of the King’s Palace, toured Frogner Park (full of sculptures), had a good dinner and then capped it off with a visit to the Ice Bar where the walls, tables, chairs, bar, and even the glasses were all made of ice. It was very cool… literally. (See the pics)
03-13-11 This day was reserved for family.  We went into the country and had lunch with my new cousin Nikki, her husband Eirik, and their 3 kids Oliver, Charlie & Lotta.  The food was good and the company was even better.  Then we went to a birthday party for Silje’s side of the family where I met her father and many more of her relatives.  We experienced what Robert called “death by cakes” because the hostess of a party always has 7 cakes or more and insists that you try them all.  And I drank some type of liquor there, that we would label as “paint remover” or “acetone” here. 🙂
03-14-11 Play time was over and I was back to work.  I made my way by means of a plane, a train and an automobile onto Horsens, Denmark.  I met the lovely Anna who set up my tour and lectured that night at the shop of  the amazing Steen Pegani.  It was a great turnout and great fun.
03-15-11 I took a train onto Aarhus, Denmark and lectured to a huge crowd this night.  Many younger guys attended which made it fun for me to watch their faces.
03-16-11 I took a train onto Copenhagen, Denmark and lectured for a very cool group of guys this night.


03-17-11 I flew into Stockholm, Sweden and was greeted by the funny and talented Tyler Wilson (from Canada) and a new rising star in magic named Erik Nordvall (who was my contact there).  We attended the very stylish Magic Bar (see pic) that night where I met the newly famous Tom Stone (author of Vortex).  The show and atmosphere were great!

03-18-11 I toured Stockholm and then kicked-off the Swedish Magic Circle’s convention that night with


my lecture.  After the lecture I found a Tapas restaurant and had a nice dinner.  After dining I watched some of the close-up competition and witnessed my new friend Erik Nordvall compete and ultimately win.  These guys were all great and I’d love to return there.

03-19-11 I flew into my last stop in Helsinki, Finland and was greeted by the incredibly kind Markku.  He was a wonderful host and the lecture was a good one.  Afterwards we had a nice steak dinner and hung out.


03-20-11 This day was a long one!  I flew from Helsinki to Copenhagen, then to London, then to Chicago, and after running and going through customs I barely made my last flight home to Dallas.  Luckily I made it home and was glad to see my wonderful wife who I had only communicated with by Skype over the past few weeks.

It was a very memorable journey!  Click here to see a map of my actual journey. I considered it a huge success on many levels.  I did considerably well, I made many new friends, and several magazines there will be running my material in the near future. Plus, I have my packing down to a science now after traveling across twenty countries these past few years. 

oslo-ice-barWhile it was very cold for a Texas boy I felt like I adjusted quickly.  The saying there is that there is no such thing as bad weather- only bad clothes!  I miss my family there now and was glad to see what life is like for them.  Everyone was extremely gracious.

Once home I had many shows to perform before the end of the month and I tried to catch up on my sleep and honey-doos.  One day I hope to take my wife to Scandinavia and some other hot spots in the UK and Europe that I have discovered.  For now it is back to the grindstone performing, writing, and hopefully finding the time to produce some more DVDs. Oh yeah.. look for the nice review of my DVD Pockets Full of Miracles in this month’s Linking Ring magazine.

In January we celebrated many birthdays for my family and friends.  I also did many shows and seemed to eat out a lot at some of our favorite restaurants like Cantina LaredoJaviers, etc.  I also performed a lecture this month at the wonderful Main Street Magic shop in McKinney.  McKinney square is fun to walk around to enjoy the food and shopping.  Two of our favorite spots there are the Landon Winery and the Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop.

February kicked off with many shows, a poker night, and a return trip to Javier’s for my nephew Landen’s birthday.  Come the middle of February, four of my cousins from England flew in to stay with us.  The next day we drove to Memphis, TN and took in Beale St that night and lived it up.  Then the next day we visited Graceland and then went on to The BBQ Shop and ate some great food.  The next day we had a big family get together at my mom’s place and I hired Miki the Monkey to mix it up.  The next day my family tagged along with me to a gig at Eddie Deen’s Ranch so they could see a Texas-sized party.  The next day we went shopping and then onto Target Masters so they could shoot a gun for the first time.  The following day we toured Cowboy Stadium and stuffed ourselves at Pappadeaux

The next day we toured Fort Worth’s stockyardsSundance Square, ate at the one-of-a-kind Lonesome Dove and were treated to fabulous steaks and jalapeno margaritas; we then took them to the world’s largest honky-tonk Billy Bob’s.  The last day we took them for Mexican food before they had to hop on their plane.  We also ate at Sonic so they could have their first chili dogs and IHOP so they could enjoy their first pancakes.  I miss them all already.  Now I’m trying to lose the 5 lbs I gained eating out everyday.

Since the family has returned to the UK I have done a few more shows here and there and I’m now gearing up for my lecture tour across Scandinavia in March.  I’ll be lecturing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  This will make 20 countries that I have performed in.

Today is Feb. 28th and the big news is that supposedly tomorrow my Bamboozlers book goes live tomorrow in the App Store for your Ipod touch, Iphone and Ipad.  Go check it out and buy it!