I kicked off the month by flying to Portland to do another Penguin magic expo.  That same night I rode with Paul Richards and his wife Wendy into Seattle so we could do it all again the next morning.  It was tiring, but lucrative and well worth it.  I’ve lectured and sold things at my booth hundreds of times and I learn something each time.

Once home the next weekend I drove to Austin, Tx.  That Friday night I dined with two of my favorite relatives, my cousins Rodger and Alex.  They are always fun to hang out with.  The following I hung out with my friend Brian Brushwood the host of Scam School.  Brian rounded up his film crew and we proceeded to the Handlebar to film five episodes; look for those episodes over the next few months on YouTube.  Afterwards we all went to a speakeasy called the Floppy Disk Repair Center.  Brushwood knew the password to get us in and we had a couple of drinks before meeting up with my cousins at a restaurant called Moonshine with excellent menu items.

The next day I visited UMLAUF Sculpture garden.  The garden and sculptures were very nice.  I grabbed some grub from a food truck and went hiking.  I drove back to Dallas that night after stopping at the Collin Street Bakery (home of the original fruitcake) for a little snack.

That Monday morning I drove to the headquarters of Dude Perfect in Frisco.  I shot an episode with Tyler and Garrett where I taught Tyler some magic to help him put on a great show as a Hibachi chef.  The Dude Perfect show features trick shots in sports and has over 17 million followers on YouTube.  The five stars of the show are doing well.  This show that I helped with is part of a series that will air on Nickelodean.  Look for it in about one month.  Set your DVR.  It was a fun shoot with the guys and camera crew and I hope to return to work with them again.

Now that things have calmed down I have finished revising Bamboozlers 3 and just sent it off to have reprinted.  Demand for it has been high since it’s not been available the past six months.  I’m soon to run out of my Winning Spinning Nickels and have begun the process to have them back in stock.  Each project takes time and money.  I’m slowly compiling Bamboozlers 4 and hope to lay it out soon.  My birthday is around the corner and I’ve learned that as you get older life only speeds up.

I did a Penguin Expo in Austin and Dallas this month.   The crowds were great in both cities.  It was nice to see so many friends in attendance. It was a pleasure working alongside some of the best in the business which was Mark Mason, Paul Richards, Gregory Wilson and the guys from Penguin Magic.  We each gave mini lectures and demonstrated our wares at our dealer booths.  I hope to do more of these soon.  Some of my magic was featured in Penguin Monthly too.

I was also a guest performer and lecturer at the Winter Carnival of Magic in Pigeon Forge, Tn.  It was a 3 day weekend full of magic.  Pigeon Forge is an interesting town.  It’s like Branson.  The buildings and attractions were unique.  The convention was a lot of fun and one of the highlights was visiting the home of a millionaire who refurbished old gaming machines for a living (like the old fortune teller machines).  The main party area where he entertained the guests looked like a speakeasy with an old authentic Chicago wood bar inside, an ice cream parlor, billiard table from the 18th century and more.

I’ve had swarms of shows from many of my clients to keep me busy as well.  When not performing I’ve been spending lots of time playing poker.  I attended the Texas Pinball Festival for the third time.  I had a great time despite my ulcer and met Sam Jones who played Flash Gordon in the cult classic 1980 film.  Basically, I had fun… and fun is the best thing to have.

In February Penguin Magic flew me to Columbus, OH to do a show one night and a live online lecture the next night.  The show went really well.  This was my second time lecturing for Penguin Magic which apparently is not commonplace.  My first lecture broke records for them.  Firstly, I broke the record for most magic taught per minute by teaching 20 effects over the course of two hours.  Secondly, they have a shortlist of products on their site that only have 5-star reviews.  My first lecture with them holds #1 with fifty 5-star reviews.  I guess it’s something I should be proud of.  The second go around I thought I would just perform material from my Bamboozlers book series by featuring bar bets, puzzles, jokes and impromptu magic.  This time I did over 40 effects and the good reviews are rolling in.

I had many shows across Texas in February but my most time consuming shows were two that I did for the North Texas Specialty Physicians.  For each show I entertained a group of 200 doctors. I incorporated my magic to discuss key topics like MACRA and RAFs and the CHIP Reauthorization Act.  Both gigs were rewarding and challenging.  The last one was held at the CR Smith Museum near DFW airport.  The Radiation Oncologist who helped cure my Cancer in 1993 Dr. Timothy Nichols was in attendance during my second show and had nothing but nice to things to say.  I’m a lucky guy on many levels.