It’s amazing to look back each time to see how much fun I pack into each month.  My life and career is full of surprises.  This month was busy with shows for private clients.  One client raises about 50 Arabian horses and brought one to their event.  I did a lecture for the Shreveport club that was well attended.  The gang there put me up at the Horseshoe Casino.  That night I lost $100 quick playing some kind of new-fangled blackjack.  The next morning I planned to play in the Poker Room for a little while before driving back.  I played for 8 hours straight because I was doing so well.  The only reason I left was because I needed to pack for a Florida trip the next day.

Jared & Homars Epic Adventure

Homar left a single comment on my page, and instantly won an all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World. Before this trip, he had never left Texas or been on a plane. Watch the adventure, and check out the surprise ending! #DreamsComeTrue

Posted by Jared Guynes on Thursday, June 15, 2017

So my buddy Jared Guynes took a guy, who had never left the state of Texas, to Disney World.  He asked if I’d like to join.  Luckily, I was free that weekend and we took in Epcot and The Magic Kingdom.  It was fun to watch our guest Homar experience travel, his first plane ride, a different climate, etc.  It was nostalgic for me to return there since that’s where I bought my first magic book when I was five years old.  See a video of our Disney adventure above.

My book Bamboozlers Three is back in stock.  It cost a pretty penny to print these books but they seem to stay in demand.  I’ve sold thousands of these little bar betcha bibles.  I am slowly writing Volume Four and creating a spin-off product too.  See all my books here.

I’ve been playing lots of poker and seeing lots of friends.  One group of friends rented a limo one night and took us all too a burlesque magic show.  It was an interesting concept.  Seeing the show made me want to work harder at creating my own one-man show here in Dallas.

I got a call from my friend Mitch in Burbank, CA and he wanted to know if I’d come back to Power 106 FM and do another magic video with the famous rapper DJ Khaled.  The last time they had me out to entertain Jason Derulo the response was big.  So I flew out and attended the Magic Castle one Monday night with a beautiful lady friend.  The next day I did my part for DJ Khaled who seemed like a genuinely cool guy.  See that video below.  The next night I attended the Castle again with my friend Mitch.  Then I flew back to do an in-town show.

Once home my buddy Jared had another wild idea.  He asked his facebook followers, “Who had never been to Medieval Times?”  He ended up arranging two party vans, thanks to our friends at Texas Motor Cars, and we took 15 people to Medieval Times and then onto the Cidercade in Dallas for free!  My job was to entertain the party-goers.  We all had a great time.

Now it’s June 30th and one hour before I leave for LA.  I’m returning to work the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  This will be my 11th time working a full week there and my 3rd time lecturing at the Castle.  I always feel like a superstar there thanks to the amazing staff and audiences.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing many friends while in California.  Fotunately, I have family staying at my place while I’m gone to look over things and ship orders as they come in.  I love my crazy life!




This month has been fun.  I’ve worked many private events at some really cool venues.  One had me returning to the home of a millionaire with a home much like a resort.  Another was at the Frontiers of Flight museum for Southwest Airlines.  Another was at I-FLY where one can skydive indoors.  Plus I’ve done many other parties in people’s homes, at hotels and country clubs.  More of my Scam School episodes have aired recently.  See one of them above.

This month has been chock full of dinner and lunch dates.  It’s nice to have such a network of people I can rely on.  I’ve seen many old friends, new friends, cousins, siblings, my folks, clients who have become friends, etc.  The pic on the left is my mother and step-father.  When not performing or having dinner with friends I like to play Texas Hold-em.  I’m in a league.  It’s fun but I still have lots to learn.

My buddy Jared asked me recently if I’d like to help to judge at a Hooter’s bikini competition.  It took me only a short while to give him a resounding, “Yes!”  This was the final round held at the House of Blues in Dallas before the finalists went on to Vegas where one of the girls would become the sole winner with a nice contract to be the spokesmodel for Hooters.  It was a fun night!

Bamboozlers 3 is being reprinted now.  I’ve just received another batch of my Sherlock’s 7 Cent Solution puzzles.  I’m writing volume four of Bamboozlers slowly but surely.  Plus I’m working on another project that I’m keeping secret right now.

The gentleman that owns the game company Gearbox practices magic and lives in Frisco.  He and his wife have built a theater in their home and host a variety show at least once a month.  It’s a privilege to be on their list and I had been asked to attend several times before but could never make it.  Well I finally made it and their home, the Peacock Theater, the show, their hospitality was all absolutely incredible.  I was happy to share the experience with many friends.  See a pic from that night on the left.

Lastly, my Ominous Deck is still selling really well.  There is a mentalist named Spidey who has been seen on America’s Got Talent and he loves the effect I created.  Recently he created a video of his take on it.  See that video below: