Linking Ring magazine review from February of 2015:

“For those who are Sudoku challenged, phobic of magic squares, or otherwise break into a sweat at the thought of a math based trick, the cure is Quadrare Caan Opus.  Diamond Jim Tyler has combined a Magic Square with Card At Any Number routine into a stand-up, corporate event, or motivational speech routine that is virtually Rolando proof.

In the routine, a card is freely selected, and the spectator thinks of a number between twenty and fifty.  The card is placed back in the deck, and the deck is shuffled.  The performer then does a Magic Square routine where he correctly reveals the spectator’s number twenty different ways.  The spectator then takes the deck, counts down to the number, and the selected card is at that number.

When I first saw the performance I thought, “I will never pull this off.” Was I ever wrong.  Tyler developed this with a peek that I now use for other effects, and the formula for the magic square is in sight at all times.  I used it the day after I got it.  Soon after I added a few props to make it into a more bizarre magic presentation.

On another note, spend some time watching and analyzing Diamond Jim’s performance style.  It’s one of the DVD’s hidden lessons.  He is smooth, unhurried, and very transparent, which makes the routine even more devastating.  My one complaint is that the title is a mouthful.  Quadrare Caan Opus sounds like an ancient magic spell- and it is, because your audience will be spellbound.  Highly recommended.”

-Rolando H. Santos


Customer review from Sept. of 2015:

This is an excellent routine that combines the magic square and the Any card at any number (ACAAN) plots. He shows a couple versions of live performances and then fully explains every detail. In the performance, he demonstrates humorous bits of business that are designed for a more adult setting and then another performance for more of a family setting.

The beauty of combining these two effects into one routine is there are many more bits of humor and powerful magic. He goes through a humorous approach to showing a participant different ways of shuffling cards. He then teaches a few different ways to peek a card. He then does a magic square before the number they thought of is revealed. The revelation of the magic square therefore has a moment of humor when he shows the square and asks them if they see their number anywhere on the grid. He then reveals the powerful magic of the square. He teaches how to make the performance of the magic square not require any memorizing and he provides a gimmick along with the DVD. He then does a mind reading to reveal the card they selected and finally, he deals out the cards to reveal their card at their thought of number. He teaches a very practical method for the ACAAN portion.

I can’t think of a significant downside. The only thing I would say is that you are in essence doing two routines in one, so it is not going to be a quick magic trick routine. However, it flows together well and the audience is thoroughly entertained throughout the routine. That is key to good magic. Another consideration is this is not designed for close-up. It is really best suited for parlor or stage settings. It’s an excellent DVD and some good instruction for effective ways to do this routine.

-Doc Johnson

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