-Review for 7 Lucky Dice

from the November 2015 issue of Linking Ring magazine

I have been fascinated with dice ever since I visited a New Orleans consignment shop and came across a pair of antique ivory dice supposedly belonging to a local gambler, Chance Midnight, who dabbled in the occult. The first dice were used by shamans 8000 years ago for divination, and I suspect it was not long before people tried to figure out how to rig the dice. I have several mainstream and bizarre effect that use rigged dice, but until now it has not been possible to use the same effect in the same venue.

7 Lucky Dice has given me the solution to two of the biggest weakness of loaded dice. The first problem is that the same number comes up over and over. The other is that most loaded dice are casino-style dice, not something most people would buy at Target or Walmart to use in Bunko or Dice Cup games.

Diamond Jim Tyler’s dice are seven millimeters across and look like any dice you would buy at a store. They are not loaded and you can force any number from one to six. You get six special dice; the seventh die is a regular one that can be used as a convincer.

In Diamond Jim’s routine, six envelopes are handed to one of six spectators. One of the envelopes contains a $100 bill. A single die is rolled by each spectator to determine which envelope they get to open. No matter what number they roll, they will never get the envelope with the money. Of course, for kid shows and charity events, the opposite can be done so that a particular person is assured to get the winning envelope. The dice can be casually examined and allow you to perform the effect with different numbers with no reset.

Highly recommended.