The Texas weB3sampleather is crazy.  One day you need a jacket here and the next day people are wearing shorts.  One day we have the heat on the next day we are running the air conditioner.  I guess I’m used to it since I grew up in the Dallas area.  Luckily, I’ve kept busy during what is usually a slow season for me.  I’ve had lots of shows and even given some magic lessons. I’ve performed all over DFW the past couple of months.  I’ve been to places like Longview, the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, etc.  Plus, I’ve been working regularly with belly dancers.  No joke!

One weekend I hosted the young magician’s of Dallas club meeting in my home.  I think it is important to pay it forward and to pass on our knowledge to young enthusiasts.  It was a small but fun gathering.  I think they all liked my puzzles as much as the magic they witnessed and learned.  If you are a young amateur wizard who would like to learn more about the art, then contact the Dallas Young’s Magicians Club.

My main focus has been on my fourth book Bamboozlers Three.  The book is written and the illustrations were just completed.  Once my artist and friend, Ben Vincent, scans and emails me his drawings I blow them up to 300% and doctor each image to make them just the way I’d like.  With over 100 illustrations that means lots of man hours in front of the computer.

I’ve purchased a Mac and have begun learning a lay out program to format my book.  I hope to have the book ready for the printer by the end of March.  This means that if all goes smoothly that the finished product should be in my hands come June.

One week in February I was the guest, or V.I.P., at a popular magic forum called The Magic Cafe.  It was a nice honor.  That week fans and friends posed questions about my career and my products.  To read those questions and my replies click here.

Recently I was booked to work the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Phoenix, AZ this summer.  This is another great honor.  A friend of mine, Shawn Farquhar, who is the talent coordinator and a very accomplished magician, asked that I create a short teaser video to get people excited about my being there.  Watch the promo video to below and you’ll see why I am considered “The Nice Guy of Magic”.