koremI am now 34 years old.  Some days I feel my age, but most days I feel like I’m still 18.  I think my job as a magician helps me to keep in touch with my youth.  I began performing professionally when I was just 16.  However, I can forsee my hair turning white very soon from the stress of running my own business with part-time employees and the constant influx of bills.  I am definitely burning the candle at both ends being a shopkeeper and performing 5-6 shows a week.

On a lighter note we were all captivated by the Dan Korem lecture here at the shop.  Dan is a fountain of knowledge and has led a fascinating life.  Any chance to see Dan perform or reminisce is time well spent.

The second session of adult magic classes has begun at the shop.  If you are interested in learning some of the basics of sleight of hand magic, and you live in the immediate area, then please contact us.

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