me&snakeWell I just celebrated another birthday!  That makes me 36.  I had a party with a few friends and family and hired Critterman Dave.  We had all sorts of critters like a rose-hair tarantula, a black emperor scorpion, a hissing cockroach, a legless lizard, a hedgehog, an alligator, a king snake, and as you can see around my neck in the adjacent picture- a Burmese python.  It was fun to be on the receiving end of the entertainment for a change.  More importantly it was good to be surrounded by those that I love.

This month I witnessed Simon Lovell perform.  Simon is a professional magician/comedian living in New York who is now starring in his own one-man act off of Broadway.  He’s a zany character whom I’ve always longed to meet. Mr. Lovell delivers 100%.

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