As I write this it is mid June.  Oh my how the world has changed.  Some states are open and some are still closed at this moment due to the pandemic.  In Texas many of the businesses and restaurants are opening back up.  We will all find out soon if it was too early to do so or not.  The norm now is people wearing gloves, masks, and staying home as much as possible.  The problem is we are all social creatures.  Being confined has made us all a little crazy.  This is when an artist’s work is most important.  I’ve seen well known magicians and musicians performing online shows, or Zoom shows, to avoid crowds.  I think this is nice.  However, for me, magic is an up close interactive experience and I have chosen not to go that route.  Henceforth I have been out of work since mid February.

I turned the big 50 in April.  I was going to have a large party with friends and family but I will wait until the Covid fears have subsided.  I have been using this quarantine time productively.  I’m not eating out much and have learned to cook more. I am diligently writing Bamboozlers 4.  It’s more than half way written and my good friend and artist Benjamin Vincent has begun some of the illustrations.  Myself and Phill Smith have just finished designing the Bamboozlers Deck.  It is gorgeous if I do say so myself.  I don’t want to post pictures now because I want everyone to be surprised.  I plan to release the deck later this year.

One day I spent visiting with my friend Tommy Thomas and his wife Latrice.  Tommy is the son of the infamous Titanic Thompson.  I’m a huge fan of Tommy and his dad.  We talked about gambling moves and magic as well.  The book The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson, sold on my site, was written to eventually become a movie.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  However, Tommy surprised me as I was leaving and gave me a copy of the screenplay.  I had no idea it existed!!  I was elated.  Tommy is doing me the huge honor of writing the foreword to Bamboozlers 4.  I know so many amazing people.

My creative juices have been flowing more now than ever before.  I have been developing new routines for my show and for market. I have submitted another magic book to Dover.  Dover has been shut down during this pandemic so who knows when it will be released.  I just finished producing a metal spinning top.  I call it DJ’s Top Ten+.  I’m proud of the engineering that went into it.  It’s not magic but it does seem like it.

Even my week at the House of Cards in Nashville planned for July has been postponed.  Thank goodness I have savings! However, clients have been calling to book shows for the end of the year.  I truly believe that when the pendulum swings far in one direction that it soon swings the other way.  I’m guessing all entertainers are going to have one of the busiest last quarters of the year.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.