espokerWEBThings are hectic as always.  I’m doing 6 nights a week in restaurants, not to mention my private engagements.  I’ve just released a new packet card trick entitled Extra Sensory Poker.  I’m heading to California this week to wrap up the Pockets Full of Miracles video project with MagicSmith; we’re hoping to release the video set before Christmas.  After California, I’m going to Las Vegas for the Magic Magazine convention.  This convention promises to be the best of the year.  While there I’ll be eager to sell my product in the dealer’s room and to attend the wonderful shows and lectures that are lined up.  Also, be sure to check out the new book The Magic Menu: Years 6 Through 10; the book features some of my magic as well as material from many other top restaurant/bar magicians from around the world!

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