draganski-weddingThe highlight this month was attending the wedding of my friend Chris and his new bride Zophia.  Chris and I worked together as teenagers at a magic shop in Dallas and have kept in touch ever since.  The reception was held inside of the beautiful Hilton Palmer House Hotel where I was pleased to perform my magic for his family and friends.  When inside of the Palmer House you feel like you are on the inside of a Faberge egg!

The day before the wedding I toured the warehouse of Fun Inc. in Chicago with my fantabulous tour-guide Tomas Medina.  It was thrilling to see where and how a lot of the magic is made.  Fun Inc. also houses a lot of the old Cracker Jack toys that we all played with as kids.  The warehouse and its contents are akin to Santa’s workshop!

And finally Tim Felix at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, Illinois hosted my lecture before a very receptive crowd.  If you’ve never seen Tim’s shop then you have no idea of how overwhelming it can be.  I’ve been into magic for 30 years and have never seen anything like it.  I think he just about had at least one of every magic item ever made.

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