mmj2013This month I’ve been playing catch-up with some projects and preparing for more conventions.  I flew to St. Louis and worked the Midwest Magic Jubilee.  I hadn’t worked or attended the Jubilee since 2002.    I did a lecture, some close-up shows, and did some stand-up comedy magic on the stage.  I worked the stage with Oscar Munoz, Michael Dardant, Lee Alex and Sonny Fontanna.  I performed the close-up shows with John Shyrock, Oscar Munoz, Michael Dardant, and Boris Wild.  It was great fun hanging out with the guys until the wee hours!

Here at home I got together with my buddy Craig.  One night my wife and I took my parents out to celebrate my step-father’s birthday. My best friend Tony has been helping me with projects and we went to a cool car show near our homes.  I had a poker night with the guys one night.  We took our friends the Baileys out for dinner at our favorite sushi place called Kotta in Frisco.  Plus I’ve been working with someone on a new website design.  I thought it would be done by now but these things always take longer then they should.

My bags are packed for my big tour of the UK that starts soon.  Before I leave though I am attending the Texas Association of Magicians convention held here in Dallas this Labor Day weekend.  The line-up looks great and I can’t wait to see my friends.  Also, check out the latest episode of Scam School I’m in below.