toys2uI began the month of August by returning from Vancouver, Canada where I worked the PCAM convention and began playing catch-up from my stint away.  I try to put family and friends first as much as I can, so I got together with my friends the Mathews, the Muntons, the Trippis, the Ingrams, the Baileys, the Dallas Magic Club, Dave Magee, Mike Squires, my parents, my grandparents, my brother in law Kevin, etc.. I also saw my sister and her boys Lane & Landen (my nephews) who stayed one weekend so we could play games and watch lots of movies. 

I’ve also begun helping a friend Mitch get his new business off the ground, which goes live in November.  If you have kids that are 7 and under, and live in the Dallas metroplex, then I think you will love what we are doing with  Imagine Netflix with toys.

Professionally, I did my first mainstream author signing for my book Close-Up Magic Secrets with Barnes & Noble on Sept. 18th.  There was a huge turn out and it was a lot of fun.  I was told that I got a bigger crowd than Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith who was there the weekend before. Afterwards we carried the party back to my father’s place who showed everyone his grilling talents and treats.  The previous day I did a book signing at The Colony Public Library where I met many other talented and interesting authors. 


In September I released my new DVD called Sweet & Birthday Card; the DVD features two of my closers, one where an initialed coin vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed sweetener packet and another effect where the birthday person’s signed card vanishes and reappears inside of a sealed envelope. The DVD has only been out a short while and is selling fast and getting good reviews.

I’ve had lots of shows locally here and there for clients such as Gulfstream, Carter Blood Care, Genesis United Methodist, Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, etc..

I am performing weekly on Wednesdays at La Finca restaurant in Allen from 6-8pm; it’s a small place but the food is excellent there so come in and partake.


Some of my magic routines are being featured in the current Swedish Magic Circle magazine this month. I just purchased a new convertible Camaro (seen on the left).  I have another DVD in the can that my friend Tony and I are currently designing the artwork for.  I am slowly writing Bamboozlers Three. Now I am gearing up for a 17 city lecture tour across the US where I will stop in 13 states which starts soon.  Whew!  Sometimes I don’t know if I am coming or going…