-Review by Rolando H. Santos

from the September 2013 issue of Linking Ring magazine

     Bam! Bam! Bam! Just like that, Bamboozlers, Volume 3 gives you dozens of bar betchas, gags, scams, and impromptu magic bits to sprinkle into your shows or to help you show off at the bar or a party.

     For example, one effect shows you how to find a secret number that someone is thinking of by asking that person to add his or her age and the last two digits of his or her birth year.  I took this a step further by reducing that number to a single digit and then controlling a card to that number. In another venue, I reduced the number to a single digit (e.g., five) and then placed five tarot cards on the table.  Using magician’s choice, I forced a card to confirm the “card of destiny”.  This is only the second effect in the book and from it three routines were born.  The book is a goldmine of jumping-off points and riffs to use as is or as a way to spark your creativity.

     Need a quick effect to close the deal in a job interview?  Pull a Uri Geller by making a paperclip, taken from the person’s desk, bend right before the spectator’s eyes.  Want to know how to use your smart phone calculator to force any number? Diamond Jim has the answer.  It works on anyone’s smartphone.  Make a coin appear from the center of a hypnotic circle on a business card.  In “Never-Ending Thread”, a thread is seen poking out from the seam of your jacket; when you ask someone to pull it out it keeps going and going and going.  I pulled this on a secretary and I lost it, laughing as I watched her face.

     I had the pleasure of meeting Diamond Jim at the Dallas IBM Convention and again this year in Phoenix where he lectured.  He is as personable and approachable as can be and that comes through in his books, DVDs, Scam School segments on YouTube, and in lectures.

     Diamond Jim Tyler started the Bamboozlers series in 2008.  Each volume is small and thin enough to fit in your back pocket for easy reference when you need a quick bit.  Bamboozlers is the definition of “packs small, plays big” and, for the price is one of the best deals I have seen this year.

     Highly recommended.