Bamboozlers: Two of Clubs

Brain Teaser: Two coins, and one is not a quarter.

The Setup:

Remove two coins from your pocket and close your fist around them. Tell someone that you hold two coins that equal 30 cents, but one of them is not a quarter. Ask them which two coins you are holding in your hand.

Tell them that the coins were minted in the United States. This typically causes the wheels in their head to spin as they ponder the history of all of the coins ever minted in the U.S. Usually, they’ll give up so that you must give them the answer.


The Solution:

One is a nickel and the other is a quarter. Remember you said, “One of them is not a quarter.” No one will be able to argue with that logic since a nickel is definitely not a quarter.
When the spectator fails to guess the answer in a timely fashion, be sure to encourage others to laugh and point at them to further their humiliation.

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