Bamboozlers: Three of Hearts

A fork, spoon and toothpick are balanced on the edge of a glass.

Push the head of a spoon between the outside prongs of a fork so that they both lock together. Wedge the end of a toothpick between the center prongs of the fork as close to the spoon as possible. Carefully balance the toothpick onto the edge of a drinking glass.

After allowing everyone to take in this amazing sight for a short while, light both ends of the toothpick on fire! The fire will die out once it reaches the edge of the silverware and glass. Unbelievably, the adjoined utensils will remain balanced on the edge of the glass. If you are gentle you can tap the balanced utensils and cause them to sway up and down or back and forth without falling. This looks utterly impossible!

After your audience sees this they’ll want to go to church twice on Sunday!

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