Bamboozlers: Three of Spades

How well do you know your hands?

The Bet:

Make a wager that your friend cannot give you the answer to two simple questions. Hold up both hands and ask, “How many fingers am I holding up?” Most will reply ”10.” Continue by saying, “Then how many fingers on 10 hands?”

The Secret:

This is all in the presentation. If they have too long to think about it, then they will come up with the correct answer. Hold up both hands and spread your fingers and say, “Counting my thumbs as fingers, how many am I holding up?” The correct answer is 10 which most will reply. If they give you a number that is way off then call them an Uber! Follow up by saying, “Then if this is 10 fingers, how many fingers are on 10 hands?” Most will multiply their previous answer by 10 and reply “100.” The correct answer is 50. Remember, you said 10 hands, not 10 pairs of hands.

Pretend to answer your cell phone and say, “Hey your village just called. They are missing their idiot!”

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