Bamboozlers: Five of Spades

The great toothpick giraffe.

Brain Teaser:

Make a giraffe out of five toothpicks (Fig. 1). The challenge is to move one toothpick from one place to another to create a similar-looking giraffe.

The Secret:

Simply move the toothpick as shown in Figure 1. You’ll notice that it is the same giraffe only facing a different direction.

As simple as this is you’ll find that it really stumps people. I’d like to thank my friend Martin Gardner for showing me this. Martin is a fountain of knowledge and the author of more than 100 books on various interesting subjects. If you like things like this, then hunt for a copy of Mr. Gardner’s Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic.

I can’t tell you how old Martin is, but he did show me his social security card. His was number 3.

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