Bamboozlers: Six of Spades

Balancing bills on a bar.

The Bet:

Borrow a dollar bill and place it on a table or bar top. An inverted empty bottle is placed onto the center of the bill (Fig. 1). The challenge is to remove the bill without picking up, touching, or knocking over the bottle.

The Secret:

It couldn’t be simpler. Just roll up the bill (Fig. 2). As the bill begins to touch the mouth of the inverted bottle gently push the bottle along the surface until the bill is completely free.

As you begin to hand the dollar bill back to the person who loaned it to you ask, “Is this the bill you gave me?” If they haven’t heard this joke before they will respond with a resounding, “Yes!” Smile and place the bill in your pocket as you reply, “Thank you!”

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