Bamboozlers: Seven of Clubs

Brain-bending bottlecaps.

The Bet: Challenge someone to place bottle cap #1 between caps #2 and #3 while following the rules below:

The Rules:

1. The bottle caps start touching as in (Fig. 1). 2. One can touch and move bottle cap #1. 3. Bottle cap #2 must remain stationary. 4. Bottle cap #3 cannot be touched by your hand or cap #1. 5. One must use only the caps in front of them. 6. Blowing on the caps is not allowed.

The Secret:

Place your right hand’s index finger on top of cap #2 to hold it stationary. Place your left hand’s index finger on top of bottle cap #1 and slide it a few inches to your left across the tabletop. Slide bottle cap #1 swiftly towards bottle cap #2 until they make contact, which will propel bottle cap #3 to the right. Now it is a simple matter to slide bottle cap #1 in between bottle caps 2 and 3 (Fig. 2).

This bet can also be presented with coins.
When your audience sees the solution they’ll have to admit that you are very much a wit, or at least half of one.

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