Bamboozlers: Eight of Diamonds

A brain-bending letter puzzle.

Brain Teaser:

Draw the diagram in (Fig. 1) on a piece of paper. Ask someone to connect each box to another box with a matching letter. However, the three lines that they draw cannot intersect or cross and they cannot go outside the border. Also, they cannot draw a line through any of the boxes.

This is a great follow-up to the Outside the Box or Nine Dot Puzzle that I presented in volumes one and two of this series.

The Secret:

Reassure them that this is not one of those puzzles where you are using wordplay. They should also know that this is not the kind of puzzle where one has to fold the paper in order to come up with the correct solution. Like most puzzles and magic effects this is easy to do once you know how to do it. See (Fig. 2).

This brain bender really causes people to think long and hard. Here’s another thing to ponder, “What if there were no hypothetical situations?”

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