Bamboozlers: Nine of Diamonds

The magic forehead glass.

The Bet:

A water filled glass is covered with a saucer and turned upside-down. The challenge is to place the cup onto the saucer, still filled with water, right-side up with the use of only one hand. I like to use a plastic clear cup when executing this bet.

However, the weight of a real glass will hold the water in the cup better since it forms a tighter seal with the saucer. After you’ve placed the inverted glass of water onto the saucer give everyone some time to try and figure out the bet. Allow as many people to try it that want to. Wager that you can do it and show them how it’s done.

The Secret:

Place your forehead against the bottom of the glass. Place your left hand behind your back. Grab the edge of the saucer with a nice tight grip with your right hand. Lift the plate and your head to bring it off of the table. Slowly tilt your head back while pressing the saucer against the mouth of the glass to keep it in place (Fig. 1).

Once the glass is perfectly balanced and upright slowly remove the saucer. Without looking down, place the saucer right-side up onto the table while carefully balancing the glass on your forehead. Moving just your right arm, lift the glass from your head and place it onto the saucer. You may spill a little water during the process but you will have proved to everyone that what seemed impossible moments ago, is obviously doable.

I once did this trick at a bar with a mixed drink. The bartender made me a concoction of Viagra and prune juice. The stunt still worked. Although after drinking it, I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

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