Bamboozlers: Ace of Clubs

The Bet: Put the dime in the saucer.

A saucer is placed on a bar top. A dime is placed between it and the edge of the bar top. The challenge is to put the dime in the saucer without touching either of them with anything.

SECRET: Place the saucer about three and a half inches from the edge of the bar top. Place the dime down flat centered between the plate and the edge of the bar. Squat down and get your mouth just below the bar top. Begin to blow hard as you come up towards the edge of the bar. When the air gets underneath the dime it will literally fly up and onto the saucer.

Remember not to show everyone the answer too quickly. It’s fun to watch your friends pound the bar top with their fists or study the challenge from many angles. Every now and then someone will even blow on the dime but they usually never think to get underneath it. If someone does begin to blow on the dime you can psyche them out by saying, “Save your breath. You’ll need it to blow up your date.”

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