Bamboozlers: Ace of Diamonds

Can you tie a knot in a cigarette?

The Bet:

Challenge someone to tie a cigarette in a knot without breaking it.


The Secret:

Cut out a large rectangle piece of cellophane from around a cigarette box. Roll the cigarette tightly in the cellophane (Fig. 1). Tie the snugly wrapped cigarette into a knot like a pretzel. This is impressive because the audience can see the bent and twisted cigarette (Fig. 2). Believe it or not, wrapping it up like this protects the cigarette from breaking. A dollar bill can be substituted for the cellophane when wrapping the cigarette but the effect is not as visual.

Did you hear the one about the lady who went to her doctor and said, “Doc I’m never satisfied after sex.” The Doctor inquires, “Do you smoke after?” She replied, “I don’t know… I’ve never looked.”

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