Bamboozlers: Jack of Diamonds

Blow your audience away with this one.

The Bet:

Place a coaster atop the mouth of a glass. On top of that stand up a cigarette in the center of the coaster. Then place the center of a coin, like a quarter on top of the cigarette (Fig. 1). Challenge a friend to make only the coin fall into the glass without touching any of it.

The Secret:

Bend down and blow the bottom of the coaster upward as in (Fig. 2). The coaster and cigarette should fall to the table, while the coin falls into the glass.

As the audience applauds this successful feat say, “Thanks! You guys make me feel good and I’ve been having a bad day. This morning as I was putting on my shirt a button fell off. Then as I grabbed my briefcase to go to work the handle fell off. I’ve been afraid to go the bathroom all day.”

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