Bamboozlers: King of Diamonds

A 'K-S-T' Brain Teaser to baffle your friends.

Inquire of someone, “What word has KST in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end?” Assure them that it is a word they have heard before and appears in any English dictionary.

Typically they’ll ask to hear the riddle again. You should repeat it verbatim as it appears in quotes above. For those that love riddles this will drive them crazy if they have never heard it. Thinking about it one would assume it must be a nine or more letter word. If they ask for a clue I will tell them that it is an eight letter word.

The answer is inkstand. Reread the riddle. “In” is in the beginning; “kst” is in the middle. Furthermore “and” appears at the end of the word.

I have repeated the riddle ten times for certain people over an hour and they never got it. One has to be in the right mind set to do so. I’ve had people say stuff like, “Is it Tsk-tsk-tsk?” To those people I say, “You know I could eat some alphabet soup and poop out a better answer than that.”

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