BET: Place a small piece of paper into the neck of an empty bottle. Wager that someone cannot blow the piece of paper into the bottle.

Begin by drying off the inside of a long neck bottle. The longer the neck on the bottle, the better this bet works. Hold the bottle horizontally and place a small wadded ball of paper just inside the mouth of the bottle. Wager that you will hold the bottle perfectly still in front of someone’s face and they will not be able to blow the paper into the bottle.

SECRET: Moving air has lower pressure than still air. So, when the spectator blows into the bottle, the still air will force the paper out of the bottle and into your victim’s face. You can also use a pen cap instead of the piece of paper for this stunt. Hold the bottle at least three inches from their mouth or they might actually blow it inside the bottle.

For some reason people think that if they try it again they’ll be able to do it. Keep taking their money each time until they decide to give up.

When they ask why the object flies out of the bottle instead of going inside tell them, “It is the magic of halitosis!”

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