forcebandLuckily I have been blessed with good help at the shop because I have been busy performing lots of shows.  One of the highlights from my recent shows was when a client asked me to magically produce 10, 20 and 50 bills to give-away.  Another was when Bentley & Maserati of Dallas paid me to perform and give away cufflinks, $100 gift certificates, plush bathrobes and large bottles of alcohol.  Giving away stuff is great but I mostly appreciate all of the repeat shows that I did this month for clients who have used my services year after year.

Even ole Diamond Jim makes mistakes… during a show at a nearby church my audience had a belly laugh when a real egg cracked in my pants pocket to my horror!  Imagine standing in front of a crowd with a large wet spot on your crotch and a broken raw egg in your pants pocket while trying to act cool during a 30 minute performance.  Well my friends,… I lived it!

Happy Holidays!  And like Harry Anderson says, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’ve got no idea what you look like sleeping!”

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