amandaAs predicted this was a super busy month.  I performed eighteen shows and attended six more parties.  Some of my clients were Safeway, Simuflite, Sourcecorp, Stephen Gould, Toyota, Next Generation, Conifer Health Solutions, Dring Air Conditioning, Best Buddies, Mira Vista Country Club, Goodman Networks, Dickies Medical Uniforms, etc.  What’s funny is that I see some of these folks more often than some of my family.

Bamboozlers Vol. 2 arrived the middle of December and has just now begun shipping.  To order or learn more about the book click here.  Be sure to view the promo video for the book on the right.  Those who have seen the book say that it is even better than the first volume.  My ten year plan is to eventually write five volumes.  We’ll see if I have it in me.

I wrapped shooting the DVD for my trick called DiaMonte.  This DVD will be available for sale some time in January.  The trick has been part of my repertoire since the late 80’s.  It has evolved since then and has some new twists that I think make it unique and commercial.

I loved seeing my family and friends during the holiday season.  My nephews Lane and Landen crashed at our place for a couple of nights and we always try to watch as many movies, and play as many games as we can, with our time together.  We witnessed it snow a few inches on Christmas Eve and actually stick around for a few days… which I can tell you as a native Dallas, Texan is a rare sight!

My wife and I finally got to meet the new edition to our family… Amanda.  My cousin Jerry and Renie adopted a nine year old girl named Amanda.  She is something else.  The two words that come to mind are “sweetheart” and “firecracker”.

So what’s on my agenda for 2010?  More shows.  More products.  More tours.  Hopefully, more leisurely travel as well.  My goal is to perform in all 50 states and as many countries as possible.  It helps my name brand, but more importantly I enjoy seeing different parts of God’s green Earth.  Thus far I have performed in half of the states and eleven other countries.  To see the places I have visited click here.