I was happy to see the back-end of 2016.  I got divorced earlier in 2016, had health issues, lost two family members and had more stress than I can ever remember.  However December was great!  I did 20 shows for mostly repeat clients.  I made a few new clients as well.  One client had me changing folks $1 bills into $100 bills and letting them keep them.  I’m eating better, sleeping better and working out regularly.  In 2017 I hope to be the best version of me.  2016 was rough but I think it has made me much stronger and wiser.

In December of 2015 I had molds made for my new Ominous Deck.  In May I thought I had the finished product when 1000 of them showed up on my doorstep.  Unfortunately their were flaws with all of them so I scrapped them and had them remake the mold.  In late December of 2016, almost a year to the day, I received my order of 1000 units in and they look great!  They have been flying out my door and getting rave reviews from my colleagues.

December was also nice to see much of my family.  I had a nice Christmas with my mom, step-father, sisters and nephews.  See a pic of me and my sisters on the left.  I also had a nice Christmas with my dad’s side of the family.  For that Christmas we chose to adopt a family to buy them things they really needed.  That felt better than giving ourselves things we really didn’t need.  I also helped my father celebrate his birthday.

In late December I attended a small ComiCon in Dallas.  It was fun to see folks in their Cosplay outfits and cross paths with a few friends. The vendor booths were fun to peruse through. I did a little magic there for Michael Rooker of Walking Dead fame.  He was very cool and receptive to my magic.