December was nuts!  I worked 29 gigs this month.  I think that’s a record.  That doesn’t count the 6 other parties I attended with friends and family.  Most of my jobs were in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex thankfully.  I still had 12 days off which was nice.  I worked for many loyal repeat clients and brought on several new clients.  It’s wonderful to be paid to do what you love.

I also attended another show at the Peacock Theater.  The Pitchfords are so kind to do this and keep me on their exclusive list.  One day soon they hope to build their own version of the Magic Castle here in Dallas.  If anyone can do it they can.  I brought along my friends and clients the Politos.  They had a blast watching the variety show of comedy, magic and singing.  It was nostalgic to see one of my favorite magicians Rudy Coby do his act up close and personal on the stage.  Rudy is Labman and does an act where he has 4 legs.  You have to see it!

I went to the car dealership to get a new tire and I left with four new tires and a new car.  I had a 2015 black and yellow Stingray Vette and now I have a 2017 charcoal gray and black Stingray Vette.  The new model has some different lines, a different grill, a front and back camera, new security features, a feature called Carplay, etc.  I love it.  I picked up a friend one night and she said.. “So you bought the Batmobile.”  She liked it as well. Plus, I went to the trouble of adding the XPEL protection to the front half of the car to protect it from rock chips.  XPEL is an amazing magical self-healing wonder.

Two of my gigs took me to the new Lava Cantina in The Colony.  It’s a huge place with a great vibe.  The food and service are terrific and they do big concert events on their stage outside.  Over the two days I was there they had famous chefs, rock stars, reindeer and Santa there. They told me that my magic garnered the most attention over their 2 day extravaganza.  It’s worth making a trip to see this place.

December 30th I flew to Albuquerque, NM to work a gig at the Sandia Casino & Resort.  That night I met a fun group of ladies who were there from Vegas to dance in an Elvis tribute show.  They invited me to dinner and we had a blast.  The next night I rang in the New Year with them on the dance floor.  I definitely started off the New Year right!

More than being fortunate to have so much work I am always reminded that I have a great family and a good network of friends.  The holidays were a little melancholy for me but when I do an end of year tally I realize that I am truly blessed.  I look forward to what 2018 brings.  I see good things ahead.