A Worker’s Lecture   “There are a variety of different kinds of lectures. For some, the attendees (in and out of the room) are content to simply see the work of an incredible technician. Richard Turner comes to mind. While Richard is happy to teach his material, it will take lots of time and practice (years in some cases) to be able to perform it.  Other lectures are entertaining. David Williamson or Harry Anderson’s lectures were worth the price just for their entertainment value. Add in the material taught and the lectures are an incredible deal. Then there are the workers lectures. These are the times when a real world performer shares the material with which he makes a living. Diamond Jim’s lecture is a worker. The lines are funny, the tricks clearly explained, and the performance venues carefully outlined (e.g., this is a walk around trick when done this way, a table trick when done this way).  If you are a real worker, or you aspire to be one, do yourself a favor. Buy this lecture. You will never regret it and your audiences will love you for it.” -Samuel Lamerson

BEST Lecture ever produced at Penguin LIVE ! ! !   “If 10 Stars was an option, this lecture deserves it but I can only select 5 stars. I’ve purchased EVERY single Penguin Lecture since May of 2012 and THIS is got to be the VERY BEST of all time. In the first hour of the Lecture, Diamond Jim showed MORE than any other lecturer has ever done. I think Dan Harlan said it was a record.  If you’ve never purchased any of these lectures produced by Penguin Magic, then THIS should definitely be your first. 2 hours and 48 Minutes FULL of entertainment and content without a single boring moment.” -Glen Rushing

Worth every penny in the first 10 minutes and it just gets better.   “Diamond Jim teaches amazing real world workers at an enjoyable pace with just the right amount of detailed instruction. The comedy he naturally incorporated throughout the lecture will show you what you should strive for.  I enjoyed the lecture from start to finish. I think I forgot to blink until it was over.  Along with this lecture Diamond Jim gives you a downloadable gift that is worth much more then the price of the lecture. Amazingly Jim was kind enough to help me with a substantial question I have been pondering over for some time.  I highly recommend buying this lecture! No I don’t work for Penguin Magic.” -Alex Jay Hamm

Fantastic Investment   “Diamond Jim’s Penguin Magic Lecture is the best couple of hours you can buy. His down-to-earth, practical and fun style comes through in this lecture and gives both the beginner and the professional fantastic tips, insights and useful information. If you buy only one lecture, buy this one!” -Ken Dickensheets

Get This Lecture! Jim Tyler’s lecture is one of my favorites from Penguin. The magic is practical and Jim is a great teacher. He is an experienced professional, and has designed some audience-proven, GREAT effects that you WILL use in your performances. His sense of humor is just plain fun, and I’m adding some of his jokes to my act. Don’t stay on the fence about this lecture. GET IT! You’ll be happy with the magic he has created. This guy is GOOD! Go for it.” -Sdmagic

Awesome lecture!  “This was a great lecture! Not only great material, but a lot of inspiration on how to be more entertaining.” -Anonymous from LA

Magic Reviewer  “This is probably the best lecture (in terms of best practical effects, presentation, and humor) I’ve seem from Penguin, and I think this is better than Mark Mason, Kainoa Harbottle, Peter Turner, Peter Samelson, Jason Dean, Norman Beck, Dani Daortiz, Joshua Jay, Chris Mayhew, Daniel Garcia and John Gustaferro. These are probably all around second place, and I’ve watched many more lectures. However that is not the point the point is super great. He even gives you a free gift that would cost you exactly $30. You learn TONS of HILARIOUS one liners and jokes. I’m going to stop here because I can’t do this man justice. BUY NOW!!” -Anonymous

Diamond Jim Delivers  “I love the Penguin lectures! All that I have seen have exceeded my expectations by delivering loads of quality, marketable effects and invaluable advise from those whose livelihoods depend upon delivering effects that are practical and astounding. Diamond Jim Tyler is no exception. He delivers one effect after the other. I am so glad to have this so I can go back and view it again and again (which I have done). If I were at this lecture live (with no video) I would have gone crazy trying to make note of all the wisdom and technique that Diamond Jim presents. It would be like drinking from a fire hose. Anybody looking for some serious, sustainable, doable effects along with great gags and humorous quips should check out this lecture. My only question is: When is Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 2 coming? I can’t wait.” -Scott Yale

Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE  “This was a great lecture “two short” I could have watched another 2 hours and it still would not have been enough. Great job Penguin, and Dan Harlan you got hosting down to an art. Keep up the good work.” -Anonymous from Arizona

Great Lecture  “You’ll find material here you will actually use and enjoy performing. A great lecture is more than tricks and techniques – the presenter ideally conveys a sense of how to successfully connect with an audience. In this, Diamond Jim delivers. He shows us how to come across as a likable entertainer, which is just as important as whatever effects you perform. I loved his one-liners. He is also very generous in providing the free collection of card magic to purchasers. A funny, talented and engaging guy from whom you will learn a lot. Add to cart.” -Anonymous from New York

Professionally done and awesome  “I got this. I took a chance on this purchase and I must say I don’t regret it one bit. This guy opens himself up and reveals lots of goodies. Get it. You wont regret it. Promise.” -Ed Weibe

Wow!  “Diamond Jim Tyler is a true worker of magic. If you are serious about the art form you have to get into this guy. Brilliant , funny and skillful he knows how to keep it going with a variety of routines. His ideas and suggestions are great for the aspiring magician. Get this lecture you won’t regret it.” –M Kronar

Fun!  “Diamond Jim provides a great deal of fairly easy fun things to do. His routines are practical, portable and pleasing plus he’s a very funny, open, approachable guy with amusing asides and gags.” -S. Forster

Excellent!  “Diamond Jim provides a lot of workable material, especially for closeup and table hopping. Most of what he presents doesn’t require you buy anything. Several effects do require buying material, props or his marketed effect, but the cost is relatively low. All in all, the lecture is worth the money. Almost everyone will get several effects they can add to their repertoire. Diamond Jim’s discussion with Dan Harlan at the end also adds value to this lecture. He and Dan share some real life stories that provide insight into what a professional magician is likely to encounter during their career.” -Louis Del Monte

Buy This.  “This is one of the best lecture’s I have watched. It’s engaging and full of effects and advice that I will use. Here’s a guy who has worked everything. Fantastic.”  -Sam Fuller

BEST $ I HAVE SPENT ON MAGIC!  “First off, let me say that I’ve seen at least 20 Penguin Lectures. Many of them are outstanding. However, what sets Mr. Tyler’s lecture apart is the amount of WORKER material he presented. I immediately started using “Paperweight” and “Mathematical Monte”. Also, his patter and jokes were a great example of how to keep the energy high during and between effects. It’s obvious that he has spent most of life learning material and perfecting routines. I can’t recommend a better lecture for someone who wants to start performing professionally. I was so sad when the lecture had ended! However, the sit down talk he had with Dan Harlan gave awesome insight into the reality of working as a pro. Penguin, PLEASE BRING DIAMOND JIM BACK!  BUY THIS LECTURE, you will be SO glad you did! :)” -Aslan Arias

DIAMOND JIM TYLER LECTURE  “Very good, entertaining and most of all informative.  I was impressed so much with his Mirrors trick that I bought the DVD MIRRORS.  It’s a great DVD.  The first two routines I will use.  Especially Soul Reflection.” -HARRY L

REAL WORKERS!  “Diamond Jim provides performance and explanation of GREAT magic that is perfect for the real world! Jim’s magic is original to him and his lecture provides material that is fresh and not being performed by every other magician. Highly recommended, almost like a personal one-on-one teaching secession with Jim. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.” -Edward Mathews

A good investment of your time and money.  “Even if you’ve seen Diamond Jim’s lectures in the past, you will not regret investing the time and money in this lecture. He teaches real-world magic in and easy to follow/understand way. I first saw his lecture at the IBM convention in Phoenix in 2013 and have since purchased some of his products but still consider this to be a good investment. There is some new material and it is well worth the investment. Thank you Penguin and Diamond Jim for the added value!” -Don Harris

Great lecture.  “Diamond Jim’s magic is worker material. This lecture is packed with magic and great anecdotes. A great, entertaining watch from beginning to the end.” -Zachary Middleton

Get this lecture!  “Jim is so awesome!!! There are really diamonds in this lecture! You have to get it!!!” -Jay Zhang

Diamond Jim Lecture  “Prior to watching the lecture, I’ve never seen his material before, just read reviews of his products. The lecture is a worthy purchase. Almost everything is rehash of his published material that is spread out; makes you want to buy everything he’s got. I definitely recommend anything he has out, after watching this lecture, I’d say he has trustworthy material; it’s all real world, practical, quick, resetting stuff.” –Yul Largado

A DIAMOND LECTURE  “I loved this entire lecture. One of the best I’ve seen. Filled with practical worker effects and taught clearly. Highly recommended!” -D.R. from L.A.

Practical and fun!  “Diamond Jim Tyler teaches practical real world magic with a variety of objects. The lecture was also very entertaining. Highly recommended.” -Ian Richards

Best Lecture  “This Lecture was leaps and bounds above the others that I have seen and was over flowing with amazing routines. He explains everything perfectly and his personality takes everything to a new level of fun. I highly recommend this lecture and would love to see Penguin bring him back for another!!” -Brian Hoffman

Fantastic Magic  “I bought the video and it’s worth more than it costs. Diamond Jim has a way of explaining his material that just makes sense. I have already used his invisible dice routine as well as the three card routine. Both were stunning to my audiences. I have never done the thumb cuffs, but Diamond Jim showed me the comic value and I’m more a comedian than a magician. I’m picking up cuffs in Toronto this weekend. This was an excellent learning opportunity that will work well for me in most situations. Thanks Jim. PS: Used the Every State Capital gag and it was am real moaning hit.” -JD Richard

Practical Even For Beginners  “I watched this lecture just a few days ago. Diamond Jim keeps up to his promise to answer all emails quickly! Thanks Jim! It is a great lecture for many reasons:  For me, an important aspect of every lecture is the question: Can I potentially learn (and use) these effects? Yes. I’ll be able to try out some of this stuff. Jim’s effects all look very nice and most of them should be possible to learn even for beginners like me. While I was watching, I constantly thought: “Oh yeah, could use this. And that one, too, and also the next one, and… ” You get the point. 🙂 I also love his kind of humor, which alone makes this a fun lecture.  And last, but not least, this lecture was refreshingly different. At Penguin, there are more card magic lectures than anything else (at least this is how it feels to me).  Diamond Jim, on the other hand, presents a nice variety of stuff, which is greatly appreciated. I hope to find some time to practice at least a few of presented routines. The more the better.  I’ve watched dozens of lectures, yet this is one of my all-time favorites! I really hope that Penguin gets him back for more!” -Jens Hellmann

DJT is Xalent  “Diamond Jim Tyler is a true worker of magic. If you are serious about the art form you have to get into this guy. Brilliant , funny and skillful he knows how to keep it going with a variety of routines. His ideas and suggestions are great for the aspiring magician. Get this lecture you won’t regret it.  On a scale of 1 to 5 I’m going to have to give it 6 stars for the one-liners.” –Mark K

Full of Gold  “I mainly got this lecture for the coin in sugar packet but wow it was packed with lots of good practical effects and funny stories. I also loved the birthday bill trick very clever idea!” -Anonymous from USA

Very Good  “I really enjoyed this lecture. Very funny and enjoyable to watch. The best part is I learned so much. Learned some tricks I could do right away. Also learned some tips from a very experienced magician. Great job!” -R. Fincher

Best of the ones I’ve seen  “I haven’t seen many others but this one is by far the best one of them.  I’d even say it’s lots of fun even If you’re not a magician yourself, just all the one-liners makes it worth the payment. But of course the magic is superb, and there’s lots of it! And also very well explained.” -Claed A.

A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH LECTURE  “I just finished watching this and really enjoyed Jim’s presentations. Not only was a lot of magic taught but it was also worker material. I get pretty annoyed like everyone else when we are taught impractical magic. Jim was also very clear in his presentation and teaching of each effect as well as a very genial person. I hope he comes back for another lecture because I know it’s going to be great!” -David Reichelt

Professional  “Diamond Jim is an incredibly nice guy. A true gentlemen that shows how well placed humor and direct effects create a memorable experience for your audience. I could tell Diamond Jim lives in the trenches and I was honored he shared his knowledge.” -Ryan from Orlando

Wow!! Great Lecture!!  “This is a great lecture, The way he expresses his magic is worth more than the price of the lecture, because he feels the magic. He teaches very useful tricks, but my favorites are the thumb-cuffs and the invisible dice. The dice are so awesome and the method is very cool. The tip he gave about leaving a voice recorder on a table is very cool because you can hear what people say about your magic and it will teach you how to improve. When Dan asked him at the end, “How did you get the name Diamond?”, he tells the story of being at a poker table that is hilarious! This is a lecture you must have.” –Tom A. from Colombia

DJT Lecture Review  “I had never heard of DJT but am a full time pro who watches tons of lectures. I chose to watch his lecture and it was AWESOME! It’s real world stuff with some great comical bits of business. Highly recommended!!” –Michael Trixx

A Must See For All Magicians  “Diamond Jim Tyler is one of the world’s biggest names in magic and his lecture proves it ten-fold. He is a great teacher as well as an amazing showman. During this lecture you will learn many illusions like “Clear Straw Float” “Estimate Cards” “Sweet” which is just so sweet….lol.   Also there is a section on tips and tricks on how to make breathers; the quarter works like a charm, love it.  If you are going to have any one DVD lecture in your collection this is the one Diamond Jim Tyler.  He’s a classic mystifier with his own special touches. When it come to magic he is a true genius. Thank you Diamond Jim Tyler” –Mike from Canada

Jam packed with powerful magic  “If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, Diamond Jim gives you just that with trick after trick of tried and proven powerful effects. This material is all stuff you can carry with you everywhere, and even if you have nothing, he teaches an imaginary dice effect! If you haven’t read any of his material…DO IT! He knows what he’s doing!” –Kraig Elliott

Some of the Most  “This has some of the most useable magic I have seen in a lecture for a close up magician. It has lots of good principles and ideas and is very inspirational. Bravo!” –KZ