moviesThis month has mainly kept me busy rehearsing new routines.  I was fortunate to do more work this month for Park Place Lexus who has become a regular client.  I also attended two fun lectures, one by the gaff-card king and poker chip magician Don England, and the other by my good friend Jeb Sherrill (the prince of the Zombie Ball). Towards the end of the month I attended the famous Austin Magic Auction for my first time and placed the winning bid on several books, some magic posters and a few new toys. 

A couple of my routines found their way into the top two mainstream magic magazines of the day.  MAGIC magazine featured my Singing Cardbox article that teaches magicians how to make their card-boxes play music upon opening them.  And GENII magazine featured a review by David Regal of one of my latest marketed routines called MYTHOS.  I’ve been a fan of Mr. Regal’s magic for some time and his work as a writer for such shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, so when I read his words of praise I was taken aback.  He said of my routine and I quote: “…a classy version of a brilliant bit of card magic, a performance piece that might very well be the highlight of an act.”

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