guenther-weddingThis month has gone by in a flash!  I’ve done lots of private parties.  Check out the picture on the right from a wonderful wedding I did for some great folks.  I flew to San Francisco to film several episodes of Scam School with my buddy Brian Brushwood for Revision3 and these will air over the next few months.  I lectured in San Francisco while there to a full house for Joe Pon’s magic shop Misdirections and had a great time with everyone there.  I played poker with some friends once back home.  Plus, I helped my friend Mitch with his upcoming business that should go live any day now. 

I attended the lecture of Frances Willard, daughter of Willard the Wizard, and one half of the mental duo Falkenstein & Willard.  Frances Willard is a wonderful lady who regaled us with some great stories.  I had lunch with Dave Magee, Johnny Thompson, and several other well known card guys.  I did a video interview for my friend James Munton and his magic forum “The Magic Bistro” which can be seen by members only unfortunately.

doomsday-promoHowever, the thing that I am most excited about is the release of my new Doomsday Deck.  It is getting great reviews.  On Tuesday, February 21st (exactly 10 months before the predicted Mayan apocalypse) I received around 3000 custom decks of cards.  That is 760 lbs. of playing cards.  The next day I began shipping them out.  These have been well received internationally.  Besides the regular Doomsday Deck, I also had several uncut sheets made and sent to me, as well as 500 of a special edition version of the deck with silver-gilt edges.  I expect to sell out of all of these before the end of March. 

Anticipating this I have re-ordered the decks which will only be slightly different with what is called a “magic finish” and a “red seal” on the box so I’ll know that they were from the second run.

Plus I am designing another deck of cards that I am keeping hush-hush for now!