djt-feb3I performed many private events this month across the metroplex.  I’ve performed in mansions, country clubs, libraries, grand ballrooms, etc. One gig took me to someone’s home where I saw friends I hadn’t seen in years.  I was so glad these old friends got to see me do my stand-up comedy magic for adults; plus it was great catching up.  This month I received Bamboozlers One from the printer in China.  The second printing had sold out so now I have the third printing in stock again.  These little books continue to do amazingly well.  I had no idea when beginning this series in 2008 that it would become what I am best known for.

The big happening this month was my lecture tour across 7 states and 10 cities.  I drove from Dallas to Springfield, Missouri on Feb. 9th.  From there to Kansas City, MO to lecture once again at US Toy and hang out with my friend Todd Lamanske who is an awesome magician in his own Glass-Balance-DJTright.  David Sandy welcomed me to his home with a little party and gave me a tour of his cool home and magic collection.  From there I went to Little Rock, Arkansas and then drove home to do two shows that Saturday.

Sunday the 14th I left so I could be in Louisville, KY the following night.  Attendance was poor due to snow everywhere but I had fun with those that did show up.  Then I made me way to Springfield, IL, then to Big Guy’s magic shop in Pewaukee, WI where it was really cold.  The next night I was in Tinley Park, IL.  I drove 13 hours home the next day straight to sleep in my own bed.  That Saturday I had two shows as well.

fireSunday the 21st I lectured for my pals in Dallas and had a party at the house afterward.  The next day I was in Lake Charles, LA where I saw my buddy Chip Romero, who is a wonderful cruise ship magician, and who has one of the most impressive magic collections on the planet.  The next night I lectured in Austin, TX and made my way home again the next day.  All in all I drove over 5000 miles across the US. That week I had a few more shows to finish off the month.  So life is good and work is plentiful.  The problem is I have so many projects I’d like to complete but I have little time and motivation.  Having said that I do have an exciting new product that should come out next month. I can’t wait for the magic world to see it!