Happy New Year!  This promises to be another great year.  Last year I had many fruitful projects and tours and this year looks like things will be just as good or better.  On New Years Day my wife and I and some friends had a nice lunch with lots of black-eyed peas as is tradition.  I am not superstitious, because it is bad luck to be so. 

This month my DVD SWEET has been getting great online (seen below) reviews and from magazines like Genii and Magic.  The Doomsday Deck project is running smoothly and the deck will arrive next month from the United States Playing Card Company.  I have already sold over half of the first run! 


I’m currently lining up a small tour of the New England states.  I performed lots of shows this month.  I’m currently working on another deck project that I think will go over really BIG.  I’m booking flights for more overseas trips.  I’m slowly adding bits of business to my upcoming book Bamboozlers Three.  I just sent off the revisions for my out of print book Bamboozlers One so that it can be reprinted. 


I befriended Tommy Thomas, the son of one of my boyhood heroes Titanic Thompson and learned a great deal more about Ty and Tommy’s colorful “gambling lives”.  Tommy is just as interesting as his father was and now has a ministry on TV.  Tommy blew my mind with a deck of cards and then I returned the favor.  I’m looking forward to meeting with Tommy again and meeting more of Ty’s family.  I also drove to East Texas to spend the day with my aunt and grand-father for their birthdays. 

To top off the month my wife and friends the Trippis took a little vacation to New Orleans.  I visited many so-called Voodoo Shops, which most were tourist traps (like the one shown in the pic on the left) but I did ultimately find the real deal.  If you are in New Orleans “nawlins” and want to see the real thing then visit the Voodoo Spiritual Temple on N. Rampart St. and ask for Priestess Miriam Chamani better known as the “Queen Mother”.