Well 2014 was a wonderful year!  Both of my sisters got married.  My nephew Lane graduated from High School and has gone onto Texas A&M.  My best friends Tony and Amanda had their first child named Hannah and she’s a cutie pie.  My wife and I are doing great and this was a record year for shows and new releases for me.


In January of 2014 I released my 7 Lucky Dice.  February’s highlight was working Jared’s Epic Party with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, Rob Base, Humpty Hump, Partners in Kryme and lots of other celebrities and fun attractions.  In March I released my Consecutive Conundrum puzzle and my Magic Math Sticks plus shot some more episodes of Scam School. In April I did a photo shoot with the amazing Joel Chan. I also rented a theater and invited friends and fans to come and see me perform.  In May my sister Jodi married, I released my Winning Spinning Nickels and Penguin Magic flew me out to Ohio to produce my lecture as a download which is still getting rave reviews.  In June I shot more episodes of Scam School, attended my nephew’s graduation party and was happy to entertain at my sister Chelsye’s wedding.  In July my wife and took in Seattle and boarded a cruise ship which took us to many breath-taking ports of call in Alaska. In July I also released my DVD Quadrare Caan Opus and lectured in my 43rd and 44th state of Washington and Oregon.  In August I attended a Positively Magic reunion to reminisce with all my fellow co-workers and friends, took my first flying lesson and attended the Texas Association of Magician’s convention where I lectured for the third time.  In September I released my beguiling Squeezer routine and did a lecture tour in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota.  In October I re-released my DVD P.F.M.  In November I repackaged my DVDs (Mirrors, Collateral, Sweet and DiaMonte).  I also sadly lost my grandmother who I always called Nonnie.  In December I did 26 shows and released my latest DVD titled Diamond Jack.

On New Year’s Day of 2015 I kicked off the new year by performing for Phoenix House which helps teenagers with alcohol and drug problems.  That same day we followed tradition and had a nice dinner with many good friends.  I’ve been helping out at Main St. Magic in McKinney on Thursdays when I can.  My Boston’s gig in McKinney is still going strong on Wednesday and Friday nights.  I’ve begun teaching a new student named Lucas.  This month we also celebrated my wife and my new brother-in-law’s Bryce’s birthdays.  I had 19 gigs this month.  Most of free time this month has been spent preparing for my trip to England next month.  Read all about that adventure soon!