oldhomepageHappy New Year to my visitors and Happy Anniversary to me!  2006 marks 30 years that I have been practicing magic, 20 years that I have been performing professionally and 10 years since I started this website.  I’m still plugging along practicing when I can, performing often, giving lessons and running my shop.  There seems to be little time for else.  But what else is there.  Magic allows me to play for a living!  People that haven’t seen me in years say that I look the same or younger.  I think it’s because I am a kid at heart.

My job introduces me to many nice people like Joshua Jay and Shawn Farquhar whose lectures I attended.  Both lectures were outstanding!  Some of my more interesting gigs the past couple of months were at the Las Colinas Movie Studios and the Dallas World Aquarium.  I recommend that anyone visiting Dallas to seek out both of the aforementioned tourist spots.

And thanks to all who have purchased my latest trick called the FORCE BAND.  I recently sent my first profit check to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Let’s all make 2006 a great year!

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