In January we celebrated many birthdays for my family and friends.  I also did many shows and seemed to eat out a lot at some of our favorite restaurants like Cantina LaredoJaviers, etc.  I also performed a lecture this month at the wonderful Main Street Magic shop in McKinney.  McKinney square is fun to walk around to enjoy the food and shopping.  Two of our favorite spots there are the Landon Winery and the Loco Cowpoke Salsa Shop.

February kicked off with many shows, a poker night, and a return trip to Javier’s for my nephew Landen’s birthday.  Come the middle of February, four of my cousins from England flew in to stay with us.  The next day we drove to Memphis, TN and took in Beale St that night and lived it up.  Then the next day we visited Graceland and then went on to The BBQ Shop and ate some great food.  The next day we had a big family get together at my mom’s place and I hired Miki the Monkey to mix it up.  The next day my family tagged along with me to a gig at Eddie Deen’s Ranch so they could see a Texas-sized party.  The next day we went shopping and then onto Target Masters so they could shoot a gun for the first time.  The following day we toured Cowboy Stadium and stuffed ourselves at Pappadeaux

The next day we toured Fort Worth’s stockyardsSundance Square, ate at the one-of-a-kind Lonesome Dove and were treated to fabulous steaks and jalapeno margaritas; we then took them to the world’s largest honky-tonk Billy Bob’s.  The last day we took them for Mexican food before they had to hop on their plane.  We also ate at Sonic so they could have their first chili dogs and IHOP so they could enjoy their first pancakes.  I miss them all already.  Now I’m trying to lose the 5 lbs I gained eating out everyday.

Since the family has returned to the UK I have done a few more shows here and there and I’m now gearing up for my lecture tour across Scandinavia in March.  I’ll be lecturing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  This will make 20 countries that I have performed in.

Today is Feb. 28th and the big news is that supposedly tomorrow my Bamboozlers book goes live tomorrow in the App Store for your Ipod touch, Iphone and Ipad.  Go check it out and buy it!