chikachikaHappy New Year! 2014 promises to be a productive year for me. I’m curbing my touring to focus on projects I’ve been wanting to complete for years. In January I did 16 shows. One gig gave me an hour notice before they needed me! Some of the highlights were attending PartyFest with my friend Jared, working a flooring tradeshow, working for some regular fun corporate clients, working at the Trade Mart in Dallas, and working my regular gig Boston’s Gourment Pizza in McKinney on Wednesday and Friday nights. Also, in January, I played lots of poker, celebrated birthdays with friends and family, attended Karl Hein’s lecture (who stayed at my house) and released my new product called 7 LUCKY DICE. Check out what these dice can do by clicking here.

vanilla-ice-djtIn February I did 16 shows as well. I’ve spent a lot of time in Fort Worth performing so I frequent the magic shop MAGIC ETC. where they stock many of my items. I always enjoy talking to Ash Adams one of the demonstrators there. Some of the highlights this month were watching our friend’s daughter Mirabai in a Sherlock Holmes play, eating at our favorite restaurant Javier’s, working a charity event for the Betty Ford Center, etc.

However the biggest thrill of all had to be working at Jared’s Epic Party. Imagine 20,000 square feet of fun stuff. Imagine seeing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shredder from the TMNT, Kevin Eastman (the co-creater of the TMNT), the Power Rangers, Ghostbusters look-alikes, Teenwolf look-alike, the time-machine Delorean from Back to Future, the girl who epic-party-2014played Marty McFly’s girlfriend from Back to the Future, Robocop, the wife from Robocop, the van from the A-Team, the car from Ghostbusters, the van from TMNT, sumo suit wrestling, turtle racing, my friend Burton Gilliam from Blazing Saddles, Al Mack the radio personality, a live monkey, slot car races, booze, pizza, huge comfy bean bag chairs, ME, and about 60 video and pinball games everywhere, plus around 1300 people.

tone-loc-djtOn the main stage at Jared’s party was DJ Baby Chino, The Graceland Ninjaz, Rob Base, Humpty Hump, Partners in Kryme, Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice plus an amazing sound-activated video screen as a backdrop. I only saw the closing act which was Vanilla Ice on the stage because I was working the crowd during the rest of the party. I steered clear of the main room with the stage, mainly because of the noise, and worked the other 3 huge rooms to entertain folks with my close-up magic. The crowd was very receptive! I got paid to have fun and I was able to comp in six friends and a photographer. Jared didrobocop a hell of a job putting this event together and promises to do another one. I had fun hanging with the celebrities but I had even more fun working the party and hanging with my friends in my spare time.

One of the cool highlights of Jared’s Epic Party was participating in the biggest Nerf Gun war in history.  Over 550 people participated.  The paperwork has been sent to the Guinness World Record book to make it official.  All of the toy guns were then donated to the Children’s Hospital.