acrdbxIt’s another hot month here in Texas.  I don’t think I could be any busier.  I’ve just packaged and sent out several hundred of my effect The Animated Cardbox; I’m also preparing more effects to market.  This month I’ve performed at the Four Seasons Hotel and Pat Summerall’s place.  While performing at the Summerall estate I was upstaged by a frog the size of a chihuahua;  ask me about it in person one day!  The International Brotherhood of Magicians has just awarded me with a plaque for the Best One-Man Parade column in their Linking Ring magazine which appeared in May, 2000.  My book Pockets Full of Miracles- 1st Edition is now officially OUT OF PRINT!  And to top if off, my wife and I are having a house custom built.  The builder is DIAMOND of course!

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