sam-conventionThis month has kept me busy performing and writing.  For years now I have been collecting notes on bar betchas, jokes and stunts done with everyday items like toothpicks, utensils, bottles, napkins, etc.  Other books have been written on the subject but I’ve always wanted to produce my own.  I’ve collected so much material that I think if I put 100 routines in each book I’ve already got enough stuff for five books, so I think I’ll produce a series.  I hope to be finished with the first book by the end of the year.

The big thing this month was attending the S.A.M. Magic convention in Dallas.  I participated in the World’s Biggest Magic Show which was fun, attended many good lectures, bought some new toys in the dealer’s room, and witnessed many great evening shows.  Although this was the Society of American Magicians convention, I must confess that the oriental performers stole the shows this year.

As I am growing older I’ve learned to appreciate the down time at conventions so that I might visit with other magicians.  I had fun hanging out with my buddy Steve Bryant, Daniel Garcia and others.  The two guys in the picture are huge talents in magic that I am proud to call friends.  Greg Gleason (to my left) is currently a successful cruise ship magician and Dave Thomas (to my right) produces several magic stage productions.  We’re all lucky to be living the dream!!