I kicked off the month by updating my website with my friend Jared.  He video-taped one of my magic routines which can be seen above.  July 2nd I flew to Indiana and did a show for a client and several hundred guests for a fish fry on his personal 1000 acre estate; besides myself they had guys parachute in carrying a large American flag with a fireworks show to boot.  Hopefully they’ll have me back next year!

This month I launched my new product which is a 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half-Dollar made into a finger ring.  The coins are made into whatever size someone needs and can be used for magic routines like Spellbound or Karate Coin.  Over 1000 of them have sold thus far!  Plus it’s leading to many custom orders for specific years (like birth years) and nicer coins (like Barber, Walking Liberty and Franklin half-dollars).  See the video below and learn more about them here.

I’ve attended Pippin the musical, had a swim day at my folk’s place, had my friends the Mathews over, and lectured in Tulsa, Oklahoma for Spotlite Magic.  Shortly after I vacationed in Santa Barbara and did a little wine tour.  I was delighted to return to perform at The Magic Castle in Hollywood for a week in the Close-Up Gallery.  Not only did many friends come out to see me but some of my magic idols like Brian Gillis, the Amazing Jonathan and Steve Valentine attended my show and had nice things to say.  See a pic of all us below.


While in the Los Angeles area a friend of mine named Mitch, who works for Power 106 FM radio had me out to entertain the crew there.  They were an enthusiastic audience and interviewed me on air.  To my surprise the celebrity Jason Derulo appeared for an interview and I razzle-dazzled him with my magic.  He literally freaked over some of my effects.  Much of it was caught on video. Below is one of the four clips that was made: